5 Alternative Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

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Last Updated on September 6, 2019

Being smitten with love needs to be expressed in an unforgettable honeymoon experience! That said, you can get to enjoy your honeymooning phase with your loved one by checking out these 5 alternative luxury honeymoon destinations that are sure to sweep away your feet with memories:

  1. Colombia

First on our list is the Republic of Colombia which lies in the north of South America. It is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, making it the perfect luxury honeymoon destination, not to mention it’s filled with a number of panoramic beaches and resorts.

If you are looking for the most romantic experience, the sandy Caribbean beaches and the Pacific’s thriving coastline will surely cap off your marital bliss with joy and excitement.

Colombia is home to cozy rest houses in mountainous places, breathtaking countryside, a view of the Amazon jungle, and also adventure-filled modern cities.

You can spend your honeymoon nights in Bogota enjoying alcoholic cocktails. You may also traverse the cobbled streets of the La Candelaria colonial quarter or visit the Gold Museum, Monserrate, Plaza Bolivar, and the 93 Park.

Another place worth visiting is Cartagena which is a port city in Colombia. There, you will have a luxurious stay at the panoramic views of domed rooftops in Iglesia de la Popa. You can spend your evenings riding horse-led carriages towards the festive seafood restaurants which serve sumptuous dishes. Also, don’t forget to visit Plaza Santo Domingo, Bazurto Market, the walled cities, and the Old Boots.

  1. Borneo

They say that Asia is one of the most romantic getaways to experience an unforgettable honeymoon destination. Borneo is undeniably one of those places that you’d want to spend your luxury honeymoon in. As an island of pristine and exotic wonders, Borneo is a rugged peninsula that will surely take your breath away. Among the honeymoon destinations that it has to offer are the following:

  • Towering peaks of Mount Kinabalu
  • Mineral baths at Poring
  • Jungle treks at Danum Valley
  • Beaches and snorkeling in Tanjung Aru
  • Kuching Cat museum for cat enthusiasts
  1. Egypt

Spend your luxury honeymoon the ancient way by heading to Egypt for a wondrous experience with Millennium-old monuments, tombs, pyramids, and sand dunes.

One of the best places to visit is the Giza pyramid complex which is one of the oldest ancient wonders of the world. At the Giza pyramid complex, you will also get to explore the Great Sphinx, a limestone sculpture of the mythical creature with a lion’s body and a human’s head. Other Egyptian wonders that you can visit for your luxurious honeymoon are as follows:

  • Valley of the Kings in Necropolis
  • Temple ruins of Karnak
  • Submerged islands of Philae
  • Iconic Aswan dam
  • Biblical Mount Sinai
  • Ras Muhammad National Park
  1. Iceland

Nothing beats a luxurious honeymoon when it is done in European style! Travel to your heart’s content when you spend your honeymoon vacation in Iceland. Get to experience classic boutique resorts where tours for volcanic hot springs, Northern lights, and geysers are included. What will be more romantic than cuddling in cold weather while watching the night skies dance with colorful Northern Lights?

Among the many romantic destinations and activities in Iceland are the following:

  • Geothermal spa in Blue Lagoon
  • Rugged volcano park in Thingvellir
  • Multi-section waterfalls in Gullfoss
  • Glacial geysers and hot springs in the Golden Circle
  • Active geysers that erupt from time to time
  1. Italy

Live out your lover’s fairytale dreams by spending a your romantic holiday in a luxury Tuscan villa, placed in one of the most romantic countries in the world. Located between Florence and Siena. Tuscany is famous for wonderful wine (Chianti) and ridiculously relaxed landscapes. This is a honeymoon for those looking to getaway and relax in the process.

Romantic things to do include:

  • Escaping to the Italy countryside and staying in a beautiful secluded villa.
  • Walking through the vineyards and of course wine tasting along the way.
  • Head out for a romantic candle lit diner at any of the endless resteraunts.
  • Take a stroll around the town and learn the rich medieval history, the birth place of Renaissance.
Riomaggiore village Cinque Terre Italy

What are you waiting for? Include these romantic honeymoon retreats in your wedding plans, and make sure to check out this short guide so you won’t miss out on anything!

Photo Credit: Egypt by Rab Lawrence via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing.

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