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Alluring Iceland: Northern Lights & Out of This World Nature

Alluring Iceland: Northern Lights & Out of This World Nature

Last Updated on February 25, 2019

The Northern lights in Iceland are one of the magnificent displays that attract tourists around the world. For many years, their glow has intrigued the people that come to see them. If you are planning a trip to Iceland, Northern lights should be in your bucket list.

Keep reading to know where you can see the Northern lights, and the best accommodation to stay in order to get the unique experience. If soon you will consider Iceland vacation planning, don’t forget to include the Auroras or Northern lights in your trip list.

What are the Northern Lights?

The lights take place when solar particles come into contact with atmospheric gases. The result is a spectacular light show of Neon. It can last for some minutes or days.  The fantastic display of lights happens either in the northern and southern hemisphere or both.

When do the Northern Lights Appear?

There are some things that indicate when the lights will appear. First, they appear when it is dark. Second, they appear during winter; from August to April.

In other words, the best time to see the lights is when it is dark, cold and the sky is clear. During winter, the nights are long, cold and clear.

Where can you see the Northern Lights?

As discussed above, the lights are best seen when the sky is clear. Which place has a clear sky other than countryside? Escape the city lights and travel to countryside which has no pollution of light. Light pollution in the city will affect the visibility of the lights.

You will see the lights very well on countryside roads, mountainscapes and even across the ocean. If you don’t know Iceland very well, you can take part in a guided Northern lights tour and you will increase your chance of seeing the lights well.

You will get the advice that you need on how to photograph them and other Iceland landmarks to visit.

Places to Stay to see the Northern Lights

The alluring Iceland Northern lights can only be found in the Aurora zone like in the Northern Hemisphere. The closer you stay at this region, the higher your chances of seeing the lights.

There are Bungalo cottages found in the dark wilderness. When making trips to see Northern Lights; there are a number of factors to consider before booking a cottage. Select a cottage with comfortable seating arrangements to be able to make seating and watching the sky a memorable experience.

Also, there are some hotels, holiday’s homes cabins that will give accommodation to tourist coming to see the Northern lights. There are cozy properties with outdoor seating facilities and a hot tub, perfect for the cold nights.

Some accommodations are located near spectacular landmark such as mountain and lake views which will add to your fun. In case you will fancy a BBQ in one of the nights while viewing the lights, there are some accommodations that have a fireplace and a grill.