7 Safety Tips for Planning An Epic Trip

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

With the light at the end of the tunnel of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people are starting to look forward to their next trip. The travel restrictions caused by the spread of the virus meant that so many of us were stuck in our countries, and even our homes, without any opportunity to travel. Whether you enjoy taking exotic foreign holidays or love to explore the wonders of your own country, it is so important to properly plan your trip in order to get the most out of it. As well as creating a great itinerary and deciding what you need to pack, paying attention to stay safe and healthy when you travel is also vital.

To help everyone out there who is looking forward to their next adventure, here are even safety tips for planning an epic trip.

1 Do Your Research

The first thing you should do before visiting any foreign country is to conduct thorough research on the potential dangers of your destination. You can usually find this on your government’s website and it will tell you what shots you should get before traveling to each country and whether there is any potential danger for a serious crime. Especially post-Covid-19, it is very important to look at how your desired destination dealt with the virus in case there is still a high rate of infection, or if there are any internal travel restrictions even after the borders have opened.

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2 Make Copies of Your Passport and Other Documents

Losing your passport or having it stolen can be incredibly distressing and can leave you in big trouble if you are visiting another country. It is vital that you make multiple copies of your passport, flight details, visas, and any other important information which you will need on your trip. This will be necessary to show to the authorities in order to bridge any communication gaps at embassies, airports, and police stations. It is especially important to make copies of your travel insurance policy in case anything goes wrong and you need to visit a hospital or make a claim.

3 Have Your Vehicle Inspected

If you are planning to take a road trip in a car or recreational vehicle, it is very important that you have your vehicle thoroughly inspected before setting out. The RV enthusiasts at explain that you need to check everything from your engine to your tire pressure. The last thing you want is to drive out into the wilderness only to break down and find yourselves totally stranded miles from help. Take your vehicle to your local garage or to a specialist and they will be able to fix any problems ahead of the trip.

4 Keep Your Cash Hidden

When you are in a foreign country and you’re unfamiliar with the currency it can be difficult to know which bills and coins to use. Many tourists often end up counting out cash in public when purchasing something at the market or the beach. Try to keep your cash hidden as much as you possibly can. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the currency before your trip and try to keep the cash in a hidden pack or pouch. If you are traveling in a country where cash is king and you find yourself having to carry hundreds of dollars in cash, here are also some great places in your luggage to hide money while traveling.
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5 Pack an Air Horn or Whistle

Another deterrent against potential attackers, both animal and human, is an air horn or whistle. Air horns can frighten away bears and mountain lions as well as potential muggers or other violent people. Women who are traveling alone, in particular, are often advised to bring a whistle or alarm in case someone attempts an attack so that they can scare off the assailant and attract help.

6 Don’t Let Your Valuables Out Of Your Sight

When traveling on a bus or train, or just relaxing in a cafe, you should always keep your valuables within reach and in your sight. Never leave valuables on a nearby seat or go for a swim in the sea and leave them unattended. Skilled thieves can swipe your items before you even realize what has happened so it is vital to stay constantly vigilant. 

Staying safe while you travel is a hugely important part of having a great trip. Make sure that you do your research before choosing a destination and that you take all precautionary and preventive measures is key. Follow this simple guide and it will help you to stay safe on your next trip.dani camera

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