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6 Holiday Travel Essentials for Women

6 Holiday Travel Essentials for Women

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Even if traveling is a big part of your life, going home for the holidays has a special place in even the most stoic digital nomad’s heart. While traveling like a minimalist may come second nature to the avid globetrotter, heading home for the holidays takes a little more planning and preparation than a typical trip. Keep reading if you’re heading home this season and need a refresher on the essentials. 

Light Layering 

Traveling comes with all kinds of unexpected hiccups, and being able to roll with the proverbial punches is essential. Even if the weather is supposed to be the same where you take off and touch down, having light layering to keep you comfortable is a must. From an oversized scarf that can double as a blanket to a light jacket that protects you from the elements, layering is a given with what you wear and carry on.

A Large Tote 

From storing travel snacks to keep you from mood swings to your laptop to getting last-minute emailing done before your holiday celebrations, there are many reasons why an oversized large tote is essential. In addition to your travel necessities, you may receive some gifts on your holiday vacation, and keeping them close to you en route home is easy with the right-sized bag. If you’re traveling with children this holiday season, they need a lot of extras to keep them comfortable during a long flight, so let your tote double as your purse or your diaper bag. 

wanderlust tote

Compact Gifts 

Traveling home for the holidays is enough of a present to the loved ones you’re visiting; after all, the season’s magic is celebrating old traditions, making new traditions, and lifelong memories. While it’s tempting to buy the latest and greatest presents off a holiday gift guide for the year, compact presents make more sense. Items like gift cards, cash, and jewelry are small enough to keep in your carry-on, and everyone loves those presents. If you must buy a large item for someone you’re visiting, plan and ship in time to have it arrive early enough to be under the tree.

Immune-Boosting Supplements 

Traveling long distances can affect anyone’s immune system, but traveling during the holidays means traveling during cold and flu seasons. Avoid these viruses while on planes and trains by bringing along immune-boosting supplements like elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Nothing puts a damper on holiday plans like a fever or runny nose, so giving your immune system the strength it needs to fight these off is essential. 

Gifts for Your Host 

If you’ve ever hosted out-of-town guests, you know that even though you’re excited to spend time with your loved ones, it can feel stressful. Add the holidays into the mix with their decorations, budget restrictions, and all the celebratory food prep; playing host or hostess is a full-time job! Show the people you’re staying with this season how much it means to you by adding a gift on top of their holiday gift to your luggage. It’s polite and can mean the world to the person preparing for your visit. christmas gifts

Activity Specific Items 

Whether you’re going to see your family or you’re a plus-one to someone else’s family holiday, having the right activity-specific items is key. Do they always take a nice evening walk after dinner? Walking shoes are a must. Is your fiance’s family outdoorsy and loves exploring the area? Hiking boots, check. Maybe your holiday plans include a sunny beach and sipping drinks by a pool – bathing suits are a given. Making sure you have activity-specific items means you can go with the flow and participate in traditions. Packing as minimalist as possible can be tempting, but opt for a capsule wardrobe to save room for these items. 

Traveling for the holidays can make the season even more magical than it is when you stay home. People are in a good mood in the airport and on the plane and the sounds of holiday music in terminals keep you in the holiday spirit from takeoff to touchdown. Be prepared for your trip by including the above holiday essentials this year. Happy holidays and happy trails!