5 Ways to Spot a Good Bottle of Wine While Traveling

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It doesn’t matter where in the world you travel: there are so many wines that are available in supermarkets everywhere these days. But how do you know which wine is worth buying? The vast selection can make it difficult to know what is the best choice for you to enjoy, particularly if you are a new drinker.

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It is important to remember that a good bottle of wine is going to be subjective. Everybody will like different flavors and have various price points. But there are some ways that you can spot a good bottle of wine while you are shopping.

Read the Label

We can all be guilty of seeing an attractive label and choosing the bottle of wine because of it. However, this is not going to give you many clues when it comes to the taste and type of wine you can expect. It is essential that you take the time to read the back of the label too. Normally, there is a description, which can tell you whether it is a fruity or dry wine. It can also detail the flavor you can expect. If you find yourself in a foreign country where you can’t understand the language, look for the name of the kind of wine you usually drink: a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Shiraz or a Pinot Noir will be named just that, no matter where in the world you bottles with che guevara et al

Still Consider Screw Caps

Wine enthusiasts may tell you to stay away from screw cap wines. There is a belief that a good wine has to have a cork. But this is not always true. In fact, it is best to accept that there are differences between a wine with a screw cap and a cork but they may not be what you think. For example, a screw cap is easier for picnics and occasions that you do not have a wine opener. It is also commonly used with young and crisp wines; not necessarily cheap ones. Screw caps mean that no oxygen enters the bottle, allowing the wine to be well-preserved. On the other hand, a cork allows some oxygen to enter into the bottle, which helps to smooth out tannins in fuller bottles

Look at prices last

The price of a bottle of wine is always going to be a factor in your decision making. But it should be one of the last considerations you make. Bottles that are on sale may be out of season or have not sold well recently. This could show that the flavor is not a hit with other wine drinkers. Equally, expensive wine is not indicative that it is going to be a better choice. Try to find a wine that you like when it comes to flavor first and check the price tag afterward. You can always use the internet to investigate the main differences between cheap and expensive bottles

Think of the occasion you buy it for

People drink wine for different occasions. This may dictate the bottle that is best for you. For example, if you are eating acidic foods, such as fish or citrus, it is recommended to choose an acidic wine. This is going to complement your meal. In addition, if you are having meals with pork, chicken or duck, it is best to have Riesling wines. This is beverages that have a light to medium body and modern

Wine makes for a great souvenir

If you are traveling in a famous wine region, for example Australia’s Barossa Valley, you’ll definitely want to bring back a bottle or two. Know that you don’t necessarily have to visit a specific wine region to find high-quality wines: if you travel to Chile or Argentina, you’ll find excellent wines for a few dollars in every supermarket. If you visit Spain or Italy, a bottle of divine red wine can be found in supermarkets for less than 10 Euros. Even if you don’t visit a vineyard, a bottle of wine from a place you visit makes not just for a great thing to bring back for yourself, but is also an inexpensive souvenir for family and friends. You don’t need to worry about getting them home safe: just wrap the bottles in your clothes in your suitcase. I’ve been bringing back wine from all over the world for years that way and never had a bottle break.argeninta vineyard

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