5 Foolproof Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Next Road Trip

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No doubt, some of the most enjoyable trips possible are the ones that require the least amount of planning. Simply throw your stuff into your overnight bag, hop into your vehicle, and let the open road take you wherever your heart desires.

Enter: the humble road trip. Sure, it may not be as exotic as an airplane trip to the other side of the globe, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be dull or boring. In fact, a road trip can be the very definition of fun and exciting — just as long as you take the right measures to make sure it goes smoothly!

The thing is, road trips can be one of the most amazing whirlwind escapades you can take. They can be as long (and as short!) as you want them to be, too. The only thing holding you back is how much gas your tank can hold, and how big your spirit of adventure is.

Of course, just like all trips big and small, a road trip can quickly go sour if you don’t properly plan for it. Instead, here are five tried and true tips for getting the most out of your next road trip… no matter where you decide to go!

Get Your Vehicle Serviced Before You Go

One of the biggest mistakes you can make before hitting the open road is not giving your vehicle serviced before you head out. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to get a full inspection (though that’s always a good idea!).

Instead, it’s more like, do you really want to risk discovering that your car or truck’s engine is prone to overheating when you’re 300 miles away from home and there’s no service stations in sight? Nah. That’ll be a hard pass, thanks.

Expect to Get a Little Bit Bored

One of the best things you can bring with you on your next road trip is a co-pilot. If you don’t have a travel buddy to take with you, though, then you may find yourself getting antsy and bored while behind the wheel.

By planning ahead and expecting to feel fidgety, you can help stave off the worst of the boredom. One thing that can work wonders is having audio books or podcasts at your fingertips. Or, if you prefer, blast those tunes! Nobody will judge your off-key rendition of the golden oldies.

Remember to Be Tech-Savvy

Look, not everyone can read a map. There’s no shame in it. But still, you do want to take advantage of all the best tech gadgets before you head out. Some favorites? A GPS can help keep you on track, and you never want to forget your phone charger.

And whether you drive a hybrid or a massive truck, you’ll want to make sure you have all the right bells and whistles to make the most of your trip. Having your favorite Ram truck accessories or Prius gadgets at your fingertips will definitely make things easier for you.

Avoid Getting Too Hungry

You know what can upset even the most level headed driver? A grumbling stomach. When you’re making good time, it’s easy to forget to eat. However, you need to remember to keep your energy up for the drive ahead of you.

It’s always wise to pack a cooler full of your favorite yummy travel foods to help keep hunger at bay. Try to get a balance of healthy and fun foods, though. Carrot sticks and apple slices are great, but feel free to treat yourself with some chips or a little candy, too.

Keep an Open Mind (And Don’t Overplan Things!)

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you keep an open mind about it. After all, a road trip is about the journey and the destination! Want to stop into one of those kitschy tourist trap attractions? Why not! Feel like grabbing a bite to eat at a hole-in-the-wall? Go for it!

And definitely don’t get upset if the drive is taking longer than planned. So what if you wanted to be there by some arbitrary set time… whatever it is, it’ll still be there later, okay? Just take it easy, and remember that you’re supposed to be having fun!

If you’ve been daydreaming about taking a road trip, then there really is nothing holding you back. They don’t require extensive planning, they’re incredibly affordable, and yet they still manage to pack so much fun into such a short jaunt.

As long as you keep an open mind and your sense of adventure on hand (and by following these five handy, foolproof trips) you can make the most out of your next road trip — no matter where you decide to go next.

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