4 Ways To Make Coffee Without Electricity

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Last Updated on December 8, 2020

For many people, coffee is non-negotiable. It makes mornings bearable, it energizes us, and it helps spread cheer. This being said, not every situation leaves us open to getting a coffee whenever we want. If you are camping, for example, or some other setting where both electricity and coffee are hard to come by, it is definitely more difficult to wake up to a fresh morning brew – but it is not impossible. Read on to learn about some of the ways you can make coffee without electricity.

1- For Anti-Tech Camping Situations: Open Fire And Instant Coffee

Sometimes part of the reason you’re away from electricity is that you want a break from technology; if this is the case, good for you! We all need a little breather from the digital onslaught from time to time. Boiling water over an open fire and then making the coffee using instant grains is the easiest way, and these days, there is actually decent instant coffee available. Always take safety precautions if you’re managing a fire. Keep a bucket of water nearby or a portable

2- Least Different From Your Regular Cup Of Coffee: Battery Operated Coffee Makers

Sometimes the goal isn’t to get away from technology but simply have a good cup of coffee that tastes normal even though there’s no electricity. In cases like these, you might want to look into a battery operated coffee maker. Just make sure you have extra batteries and you’re good to go. These battery-operated coffee makers are also a great option if you are staying in an off-the-grid house.

3- Middle Ground Option: French Press Coffee Maker

There are countless different options available for the middle ground, not anti-technology, but also not hyper-modern path. Many people swear by french press coffee makers because of the full-flavor that is captured with this device. You’ll need hot water and ground coffee, but using a french press is relatively simple. It might take a few tries to figure out the ideal strength for you as a french press can make a wide variety of coffee strengths. If this is your preferred way to make coffee, it is also recommended to invest in a good french press – don’t go for the cheapest model.french press coffee

4- For The Intense Coffee Lovers: Try Different National Coffee Makers

Coffee is consumed all over the world, and many cultures have developed their very own brewing methods. In Puerto Rico, coffee takes nearly forty minutes to make (and it’s really, really good). In Turkey, there is a tool called an ibrik that helps people turn very finely ground coffee into something spectacular. If strong coffee is your forte, try out a Vietnamese Ca Phe, you won’t be disappointed. In Costa Rica, a Chorreador de Cafe is used, a simple device made from a wooden stand and a sock-like piece of cloth, through which the coffee is slowly filtered.

vietnamese coffeeThese are just a few examples of different coffee making devices that require heat but no electricity from around the world. Each one influences the coffee’s taste and strength, so you might even find that you can’t go back once you try one of these coffee-making methods. It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to coffee. You might find that certain coffee beans or grinds work better with different styles of coffee maker, and of course, everyone has a different preferred way of making their coffee.

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