5 Reasons an RV Is the Best Way to See Atlanta

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Atlanta is a truly fantastic city to visit, and it should undoubtedly be on your list of places to see when you are thinking of where to head to for your vacation. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends, or in a family group, Atlanta will satisfy what everyone wants from a trip away from home.

Although you might initially think that driving and then staying in a hotel or flying and doing the same is your best or only option, this is not the case. In fact, one of the very best ways to see Atlanta is to rent an RV and hit the open road, taking in everything that you want to see in as much or as little time as you want to. Read on to find out where an RV should be your choice of both vehicle and accommodation when exploring Atlanta.Atlanta skyline

The Freedom

First and foremost, and one of the main reasons why people love RVs so much has to be the freedom. They can choose exactly where to spend the night (laws allowing, of course) and how long to stay there. They aren’t tied into any one place, and they don’t need a ‘base’ to explore from – the RV is the base, and they can use it as a home from home and a sanctuary after a busy day of exploring.

Having an RV means that you can easily and quickly change your plans, and you can be entirely spontaneous, which is another fantastic way of having a great freedom. Atlanta is a big city, and there is a lot to do there, so not having rigid plans can be useful; you’ll know what you definitely want to see, of course, but you will also be able to explore new and exciting things that you find along the way.atlanta street art

Finding the Unexpected

Lightly touched on in the point above is the fact that you might accidentally come across something that piques your interest as you are driving along in your RV. If you do, you can stop to have a look at it, making up your own adventure as you go along.

If you have no real plans about what you might be expecting to find or what you want to do, then you can lookout for new opportunities to experience different things and places along the route. You can stop off at tourist attractions, and you can find little known places where you can meet locals. You might even stumble across the perfect campsite without even knowing you were going to come across it.

Although this kind of unplanned adventure might not be to everyone’s taste, if it is something that you think would suit you, then an RV is the best way to ensure that you can do it in comfort, style, and safety.

Of course, if you do like planning your way through your entire trip, you can still enjoy an RV very much; they suit everyone, whether you know where you are going to park up for the night or not.atlanta sculptures

You Will Find People to Help You

Atlanta is known for being a friendly place, and the term ‘Southern hospitality’ seems made for it. So, if you are thinking of taking your rented luxury RV into Georgia, you’ll never be short of people who can help you if you need it. RVs are easy to drive and simple to maintain, and as long as you rent yours from a reputable dealer, there shouldn’t be any issues with it.

However, if you do need a little help, you won’t have any problem finding it. There will be people who are only too keen to give advice and help you on your way. When you narrow this down to the camping community, or even to RV owners and drivers, you’ll find that the advice they have is invaluable. You might even come away from your trip to Atlanta with a lot of new friends.atlanta aquarium big tank

You Will Save Money

For some, the cost of a vacation is something that worries them, and it might even stop them from going away from home in the first place. It’s the thought of having to eat out for every meal because there won’t be a kitchen in the hotel, for example, and the hotel room itself, which are the leading causes for concern. Going to visitor attractions and the like is less of an issue; that’s what spending money is saved up for, and if you are going somewhere, you are going to want to visit the famous and iconic places there. In Atlanta, these include:

      • Atlanta Botanical Gardens
      • Centennial Olympic Park
      • Georgia Aquarium
      • The Fox Theater
      • Piedmont Park
botanical garden

So if you can save money on your accommodation and your food bills and you can still enjoy everything that Atlanta and its surrounding areas have to offer, why wouldn’t you? With an RV, that is precisely what you are doing – you know that your accommodation is all included in the cost of hiring your RV, along with a small charge for some camping areas, depending on where you go and what facilities you might want to use.

As for food, you can go to a grocery store and buy food and goods just like you would at home; there will be plenty of storage in your RV for you to put everything you buy. Then you can create tasty dishes using perhaps locally sourced ingredients. You’ll certainly be saving money, plus you might develop some new skills along the way – there is nothing like a vacation to try something new and learning how to cook is fun as well as important.home cooked food

Time to Relax

If there is one thing that every vacation should allow for, it’s time to relax. It’s why we like to get away from home in the first place so that any stresses and strains that might be bothering us can be forgotten about for a little while.

The only problem is, if your vacation is also stressful, then you aren’t going to feel the benefit. This is why hiring an RV to visit the beauty spots, and tourist attractions of Atlanta is the best idea – you will be able to have the time you need to relax because you can pick and choose exactly how much or how little you do throughout the vacation. When you get home, you’ll genuinely appreciate the break

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