How to organize your motorhome trip in winter


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Your winter vacation is just around the corner. You and your friends finally decided where you’re going — skiing in the marvelous natural circumstances. Sipping mulled wine while planning the trip you can already see the great winter adventure. Unfortunately, you chose the destination a bit too much in the last-minute-terms. No free rooms. What now!

There would never be such problems if only one of you had a camper. Wait, that’s true. A motorhome! But going to the mountains in winter in a motorhome? Is it even possible?

It is! What’s more — finding a good camper last minute won’t be much of a problem. Remember that you don’t need a spaceship to go on a trip from time to time. A classic, second-hand camper will serve you well. Check over here to get an idea of what type of motorhome you’d want to consider.

Motorhomes, just like people, need a little special care during the cold seasons. Here’s how to help your camper survive your skiing trip: ensuring systemic circulation of warm water to prevent frost damage in the plumbing system, providing tires with snow chains, removing snow from the roof and driveway (you’re going to need a shovel!). One very important note: insurance doesn’t cover frost damages of vehicles!

Getting a motorhome is like opening a whole new chapter in your life. Your trips will never be the same again. There’s nothing more beautiful than singing on the road with your loved ones, admiring winter mountain landscapes through the windows, and enjoying the absolute freedom and independence as a real adventurer!

Keep your family and motorhome warm and hit the road!

If you want more tips for warm season trip, check the infographic below.

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