Travel Tips for Anxious Women

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No matter how many times some of us travel, it will always be at least a little bit stressful for us. Women who are traveling alone to somewhere they have never been before may well be apprehensive. If you are prone to anxiety anyway, this can make it worse. Fortunately, with some simple tips, you can massively reduce the stress and anxiety of traveling.

Recognize Good Anxiety

There is a reason that our bodies feel anxious sometimes. We are the results of millions of years of evolution and while we might be more intelligent and sophisticated than other animals on this planet, we also still retain a lot of our animal instincts. Anxiety is a very important emotion if you are a hunter-gatherer who might come face to face with a predator.

In the modern world, it is natural to feel anxiety around dangerous and unexpected situations. For people with anxiety disorders, this helpful response is triggered in unhelpful situations. When you are traveling to a new place, especially if you are traveling alone, you need to remember that sometimes your anxiety is justified and should be listened to. No trip is completely stress-free; instead of avoiding anxiety altogether, learn when to listen to it and when to try and shut it out.

Keep Your Most Important Stuff Safe

If you are traveling abroad then you will need to take some important documents and other items with you. Work out how you are going to keep these important items safe and you will instantly reduce the stress factor of your trip. A lot of the worrying that most of us do when we travel is over the endless list of things that could go wrong; a common worry is that we will lose something important.

Let’s say that you’re going to be traveling in your car on a cross-country road trip. In this case, it isn’t your passport that you need to worry about – it’s your car keys. It might be a good idea to buy a distinctive looking keyring that will make your keys easy to find and easy to identify if you do become separated from them. Once you have worked out how you will keep your most important bits safe from being lost or damaged, that will deal with one of the biggest sources of travelers’ anxiety.

Identify Your Triggers

Everyone is different when it comes to anxiety. The things that make one person tremble with fear might have absolutely no impact on the next person. If you want to be able to combat your own anxiety as effectively as possible, you will need to know what is likely to trigger it. Once you have identified triggers, you can then combat them however you see fit.

For example, if one of the things you worry about the mot is making sure that you get to the airport on time for your flight, make plans to get up early and to get all your stuff ready well in advance of the actual date that you’re planning on leaving.

As long as you stick to the above advice, and make sure to thoroughly research your destination beforehand, traveling should be an enjoyable and enriching experience. Don’t let anxiety keep you from your dream destination.

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