Budget weekends: How to save money on city breaks

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If you haven’t heard the news, more and more of us are jetting away on city breaks – and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, in comparison to what they may have been a couple of decades ago, flights are heavily reduced in price, and it means that it is now much more cost-efficient to jet away for three or four nights, or sometimes less.

Of course, while flights have come down in price, other costs can add up. This can sometimes prove to be a dangerous game; you can make every effort to grab those low-cost flights, but from then on, the expenses can start to add up. This is why we have written today’s article. We will now take a look at some of the key things you can implement if you are serious about saving money on your next city break.lufthansa A380 LAX

The baggage factor

Something which has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works about these city breaks is baggage over recent years. When budget airlines first entered the scene, this was something that was easily built into the cost. Now, it’s a huge extra – and this doesn’t look like changing.

It means that you have to be shrewd when you travel and ultimately pack in a very savvy way. Hand luggage is the only way this is going to be a cost-efficient trip, and it means that you will have to compromise somewhat.rise gear glider

The logistics are easily forgotten about

When a lot of us plan these breaks, we tend to just think about the hotel and flights. Unfortunately, there are a whole host of little extras that sneak in there and push up the cost more than we ever thought was possible.

Transport usually falls into this category, but this can affect a whole host of other factors. For example, you might pay a little more for a hotel, but it might be surrounded by countless attractions and facilities, which mean that you don’t really have to leave the area. This is the case with venues like the Belfry, which have spas, golf courses and more to keep you entertained on-site.

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Weigh up a city pass

Most tourist destinations will have a form of a city pass, which basically entitles you to discounted visits to the main attractions. On the face of it, these seem like a no-brainer – but there can be more than meets the eye. Let’s not forget that you are only in your city of choice for a long weekend, and this might not be long enough to take advantage of these passes. Weigh this up before parting with your money as soon as you york east river state park view with empire state building

Research transport

Finally, while many people will head over to Trip Advisor to research their vacation, we think researching transport should be at the top of your list. It’s not sexy, but as we have already alluded to, this is something that can bump up your costs. As such, find out how you should be navigating around the city. As strange as it might sound, in some places taxis are more cost-efficient, while in others you can cope perfectly fine york broadway taxis

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