5 Tips to help you find the best rooms for rent in Rotterdam


No matter if you’re traveling short-term, long-term, take an extended city break or move overseas for a while, renting an apartment will save you a lot of money. I don’t mind hotels for a short-term stay somewhere, but whenever I go somewhere for longer than a month, I want amenities like a kitchen, a proper bedroom, and simply more space than a hotel can offer.

Amsterdam used to be the most popular in the Netherlands, but over the past few years, Rotterdam has slowly gained more and more fans, winning people over with spectacular architecture, divine dining options, waterfronts just as beautiful as Amsterdam’s canals – but all without the crowds that ruined Amsterdam for many.RotterdamIf you are looking to get an authentic experience of the Netherlands, why not spend some time in Rotterdam? You’ll find yourself in a very livable and walkable city with plenty of interesting things to do, and accommodation is less expensive than in Amsterdam (which is still close enough for visits). And if you opt to rent just a room instead of an entire apartment, you can get a place for an entire month for less than 600 Euros!

In this article, I will show you how to find the best rooms for rent in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1. Begin your search early

Waiting for the last minute to start your search for a place to rent will make you be in a hurry to find a place to move into. It is advisable that you start 60 days before when you need to move in. Starting then will give you enough time to fully explore and research what is available on the market and you can settle for a place you’ll love staying at.

When looking for a room to rent begin the search at the start of the month. The best rentals are listed at the beginning of the month and at this time there is less competition for the units available. By the second and third weeks, the best rooms are usually taken and there is intense competition for what is available.De Rotterdam

2. Do online research

There are a lot of renting platforms on the internet you can use to find you a place. For example, has hundreds of room listing you can look at and narrow down to something you like. Close to 90% of renters start their search for a new home online; because you can get a good idea of pricing, amenities, etc. for different rooms.Rotterdam, The Netherlands

3. Know your roommate

Some people rent out rooms in their apartment. If you decide to rent a room from such an individual learn more about your roommate before moving in. When you meet them you can have a chat to get to know who they are. Don’t shy away from asking them for contacts of previous renters who you can call to inquire more about your potential roommate. You can also look at their Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media pages to find out more on them.Rotterdam, The Netherlands

4. Use Social Media

You can use social media in two ways to find you the best rooms for rent in Rotterdam.

  • You can post on your Facebook profile that you’re looking for a new place to live. Your friends may see this and alert you on rooms for rent they have seen.
  • They are several groups on Facebook that list rooms for rent. Look up the relevant housing groups for Rotterdam and ask to join these groups so that you can use them to find a place.

5. Beware of scams

There are many scammers online, so be careful when looking for a place to rent. If someone asks you for your credit card details so that they can show you an apartment walk away that is definitely a con artist. You shouldn’t pay anything or give your personal details to be shown a room.

Also if the renting price is too good to be true, listen to your gut and approach the property manager with caution or ignore the listing altogether.

Ideally, only pay for the room once you’ve been given the keys.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Photo Credit: All images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Rotterdam by Dietmut Teijgeman Hansen; (2) Cube Homes by Rick Ligthelm; (3) Rotterdam by; (4) Central Station by Rick Ligthelm; (5) Rijnhaven by Rick Ligthelm; (6) Rotterdam Market Hall by Rick Ligthelm *** Lead picture via Pixabay.

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