Nottingham: 5 reasons why this should be on your UK itinerary list

As anyone who has visited the UK, or at least planned to, will testify London is the destination that is regularly mentioned in the travel brochures. Of course, it’s for good reason, this is one of the best tourist destinations in the world – one only has to check countless sources to verify this.

While London might be full of the glitz and glamour, there are a few pitfalls to this city though. Firstly, it attracts the crowds. Then, even if you can handle these, it also has exceptionally high prices.

It means that sometimes you have to be a little creative with your UK destination list, and this is where Nottingham enters the scene – let’s start by saying that the costs of staying in Nottingham are significantly lower.

It’s not just about the hotel costs though, as we take a look at five things you should do if are planning your trip to Nottingham.

The Ice Arena

If you drop lucky, you can see world-famous acts at the Ice Arena (although for sponsorship purposes, this is now officially classed as the Motorpoint Arena).

However, if Ed Sheeran or your artist of choice isn’t donning the stage, there’s every chance that an ice hockey match will be. Sure, Nottingham might have two football teams, but it is also very famous for its Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team. They are in the top division in the country and if you want to sample a bit of culture, this is one possibility.

Nottingham Castle

Like a lot of places in the UK, Nottingham also has its own castle. Much of the structure is still standing, and it looks impressive as it stands over the rest of the city.

It has some real history attached to it as well. It was the starting area for the English Civil War, and the tunnels and caves that sit underneath it lead for some fascinating tours.

Wollaton Hall

For anyone that likes picturesque walks, or just a bit of Batman, let’s introduce Wollaton Hall. The Batman link is due to the fact that this is the building that was used as the famous Wayne Manor in the films, so naturally attracts a lot of attention.

However, even without this minor fact, Wollaton Hall makes for a brilliant day out. The park contains playgrounds, lakes, and wild deer and is ideal for a summer’s afternoon. The giant Hall looking down on you just adds to the whole charm.

Nottingham Playhouse

For those of you looking for a little evening culture, Nottingham Playhouse might be just the ticket. This is one of the most modern theaters around and is immediately distinguishable thanks to the sky mirror that is based at the front of the building.

Countless music, drama and comedy events are held here, and it’s a must-visit.

Nottingham Cathedral

Finally, if we return to history, Nottingham Cathedral is another key landmark. It has over 150 years of history to its name and anyone who is an architectural enthusiast will be in their absolute element here. If you pick your night right, you are likely to stumble across a choir or concert as well.

Photo Credit: All images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Nottingham by Mr Thinktank; (2) Ice Arena by Nottingham Trent University; (3) Wollaton Hall by Addy Clarke; (4) St Barnabas by Andy

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