Travel Ideas: Gear Up For The Perfect Diving Experience

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Are you headed to the beach this summer? You might want to consider scuba diving to immerse yourself in the underwater experience entirely. However, doing so would require more than just the usual preparation. You may have to carry your diving equipment along with your clothes, toiletries, and camera.sea turtle apo island

Don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 quick travel ideas to gear up for your perfect diving experience:

1. Think About Your Destination

If you are going to dive in a popular location, you may get everything you need in the place. It would be obviously expensive to hire all the gear. Still, you can consider leaving behind your dive tank due to its heavy weight. You might have to carry adapters if the plug configuration is different. Pack spare batteries and spare spring pins as well.El Nido underwater

2. Check Your Dive Gear

Always check your dive gear if they work perfectly before you pack them. A wetsuit or two must be in your bag. Check if your buoyancy control device (BCD) dump valves work right. Make sure that the camera housing seals are solid. If you do not have one, get the best dive light for your dive trip. Check if the fins, mask, snorkel, are good to go as well.

If something is not in good condition, make sure to fix it or buy a new one. You can also opt to hire the gear.apo island underwater bubbles

3. Create a Checklist

It is easy to miss something in the excitement of going on a diving trip. With a checklist in hand, you would always know what you have packed. Don’t take things to your diving trip that you can manage without.

You may have to limit the weight of your gear if you travel by air. Land travel can be more comfortable since it doesn’t have this restriction. Do some research to find what costs less to hire so that you can leave behind some of the gear.

Diving gears available for traveling do not weigh much. Some of these gears are even as light as 11 kg, making them suitable for your needs. They are not expensive, though they cost more than the regular diving kit.galapagos penguin in the water

4. Make a Copy of Key Documents

As with any overseas travel, it is a sensible idea to have spare copies of all your important documents when you go on a diving trip. Have copies of the travel plan and pack it in all your bags, including your carry-on. If you travel with a partner, try to have a copy of their documents, and save yours in their bag too. This ensures your safety in case of lost baggage.underwater world apo island philippines

5. Tag Your Bags

Tags that hang outside the bags can get lost in transit. If you can, indicate your name, contact details, and destination inside the bags, especially those that contain your diving gear. If there is a flight delay or your bags arrive later than you, the airlines would send your bags to you. With a detailed itinerary inside the bag, it will be easy to find out where you would be.

Just keep in mind all these reminders, and you’re all set for the best scuba-diving experience of your life.galapagos star fish

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