5 Summer Holiday Destinations for Food Lovers

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You worked hard all spring so that your body would fit into a bathing suit for summer. It only makes sense to spend your summer holiday indulging in amazing food. If you are planning on having an active summer holiday then you will be so busy walking between exciting places or swimming at the beach that you will burn off all of the extra calories. Here are 5 summer holiday destinations where you will find amazing food.dani in akko


Colombia is an exciting place to travel and the locally prepared food is amazing. The food varies depending on where you are but many of the dishes are served over rice or fried plantains. Visit the city of Cali and try the chicken soup and the locally prepared empanadas (fried corn dough stuffed with meat and potatoes) If you are visiting the Caribbean coast then be sure to indulge in the locally prepared seafood. Try some of the fresh fruit here as it is abundant and inexpensive. Make sure to try the fresh juices made out of dragon fruit, passion fruit, and pineapples.fresh fruit on the beach


Mexico is a great place to get amazing food. Many of the holiday resorts in Cancun have fabulous all you can eat buffets that include Mexican treats like fajitas, empanadas, tacos, and freshly prepared omelets. Make sure you try Mole, a traditional sauce with chocolate and spices that is usually served over chicken. There is an abundance of meat, and you can try dishes prepared with beef, chicken, pork, sheep and goat. You can also get fabulous seafood dishes with fish that has been caught that day.puerto vallarta tacos


Italy is known for its fabulous food and the capital city of Rome is a great place to indulge. Be sure to try pasta dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara, and cacio e pepe, a sauce made from cheese and pepper. White wine is popular in this area so make sure that you try a few different kinds. Meat is really big here and you can get fabulous grilled meat and expertly roasted lamb dishes. Tuscany is also a great area for amazing food and you can rent a villa, stock up on Tuscan food and immerse yourself in the food culture. You can take cooking lessons, learn how to cultivate fresh fruits and vegetables, and indulge in meals made from locally grown vegetables, farm raised meat, and freshly caught seafood. Make sure you indulge in the locally prepared wine as well, Tuscany is renowned for it’s delicious wines. Arrange a private tour of Tuscany for you and your travel companions, and you can be sure to see and do all of the things which interest you most.milan pizza arugala


Russia has amazing food and it is a great place for someone looking to try new things. There are hundreds of varieties that grow in the area and you can get them served in meat dishes, baked or fried dumplings, or added to creamy pasta sauces. Be sure to try Borsch, a hearty soup with beets cabbage, and potatoes. Try blinis or crepes that are often stuffed with savoury fillings or sweet fruit. Try pirozhki, baked mini pies that are filled with different kinds of vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Russia is known for its salmon and sturgeon caviar and its Vodka so be sure to indulge in both while you are visiting the area.drinks

The UK

The UK has traditionally not been known as a great place for food but that is quickly changing. There are lots of great restaurants, gastropubs, and fast-food eateries there. Be sure to try fish and chips while you are there. You can usually find the best place for it by looking at the queues of people. Many of the gastropubs and restaurants have their own gardens that they pick fresh produce from daily. You can also get many different kinds of international cuisines and curries are one of the most popular foods that are served there. The UK is very good for vegetarians and vegans, so if you have a dietary requirement you’ll find plenty of options here.
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