Bora Bora – You Will Never Want to Leave This Place

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Imagine stepping out of a private jet instead of the cheap flights to be greeted by a crowd of locals. Imagine being welcomed with a garland that smells heavenly and a mock-tail that tastes mouthwatering. Imagine sailing down a compact boat and letting your fingers sweep past the clear blue waters of the ocean below. Imagine waking up to the melodious call of the birds and letting the warm sunshine leave a peck on your cheek. Does it not sound heavenly to you? This heaven is no more a dream today. With Bora Bora becoming one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world, you can now experience the mirth of heaven standing humble on the earth. Read the article to find out why escaping the hidden boundaries of Bora Bora is out of the question!

    • Unnaturally Beautiful Surroundings: Bora Bora is the queen of French Polynesia. Hence, you can surely try to image how beautiful the surroundings can be. As a tiny island situated far away from the hectic life that people are leading in the world, Bora Bora is a natural paradise. This island has a shimmering coastline that kisses the intense blue waters of the ocean. Lined with green foliage, swaying in the breeze, that takes the tourists to the pollution-free interiors, Bora Bora is a gem. The birds singing a melodious strain are a wonderful sight. The small huts and the locals dancing in glee will surely make you feel rejuvenated.
    • A Homely Stay: Bora Bora has an excellent climate that attracts tourists who live especially in the snow-clad places. This beach is blessed with ample sunshine. To sustain the temperature, the resorts and hotels on this island offer small huts with thatched roofs to the tourists. Most importantly, Bora Bora gives you the feeling of a homely stay at the seven luxurious resorts that have been constructed there in the past few years. You have surely seen several photographs of houses standing on stilts while the peaceful blue water is giving them a mirrored appearance. These huts are the first of their kind in the world and are definitely a major tourist attraction.
Bora Bora
  • Chance to Dress like a Diva All the Time: All of us are so busy running from home to work and back to home again that we don’t feel like dressing up even if we have a date during the weekdays. At Bora Bora Island, you will be able to look like a princess every day. You can walk the cane bridges barefoot and wear a floral tiara. You can even get a black pearl ornament customized to wear as a necklace or a wrist band. Moreover, as the climate is tropical all the year round, you can walk on the beach in cool summer attire that will help you to capture fantastic photographs to take back home.
  • A Chance to Meet the Turtles: Bora Bora Island being a volcanic caldera has a generous lagoon that has managed to catch the attention of every traveler. This lagoon is on the list of those tourists who have a fascination for adventure sport. From snorkeling to underwater diving to swimming, Bora Bora Island will satisfy your hunger for adventure. There is also a commercial aquarium called Bora Bora Lagoonerium where you can swim underwater alongside the sea creatures
Snorkeling in Bora Bora: A bucket full of fish

In terms of both hospitality and beauty, there are practically no islands in the world that can compete against the impeccable beauty of the Bora Bora Island. Thus, the next time you think of boarding cheap flights to top islands, travel to Tahiti by an international flight and take a local jet to Bora Bora then. You will definitely enjoy the warm welcome of this paradise.

Photo Credit: All images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Bora Bora by Hervé; (2) Le Meridien Bora Bora by Benoit Mahe; (3) Bora Bora underwater by Jürgen Lison

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