Why Drones Are The Best Accessory For Any Photographer

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Videography and photography have been taken to new heights thanks to the use of drones. There was a time when a roll of film was used to create beautiful pictures. It was simple, but now the landscape has changed. Currently, photographers have a wide array of accessories and instruments that they can choose from; there are mirror-less cameras, DSLR cameras, smart-phones and finally, the newest entry in the pack, the camera drone.

dronesDrones used to be a play toy for the rich. An average citizen would have to take a car title loan to purchase one drone. But these flying gadgets have become accessible to the public, and it has changed the way photography and videography are done. New possibilities have been opened up for videographers, photographers, and average citizens. If you have not tried photography using drones, here are five reasons you should use drones.

Ahuacatlán-Amatlán C

Accessibility to hard to reach regions

Drones have been mentioned as one of the best solutions for disaster relief operations, because of their capability to get to inaccessible areas. This is clearly an aspect that a photographer can use. Wildlife and nature photographers don’t need to climb steep rocks or get through the forest to take pictures. Photojournalists don’t need to be present in war zones or disaster areas. Drones have helped photographers document any event in inaccessible areas.

Wave from Above

New perspectives are accessed by drones

The most beneficial advantage of drones is the capability it gives a photographer to shoot from higher perspectives. This definitely changes the plain old photos we are used to into something extraordinary. Drones that have been designed for photography or advanced usage have cameras that are inbuilt. These cameras can swivel and rotate to allow the camera to capture multiple angles. This is the kind of freedom a photographer has when taking different kinds of pictures in different perspectives. Imagine being able to take pictures from different angles and positions, without moving an inch; it’s extraordinary.

Just below Col du Joly

Great action shots are taken by drones

If you are familiar with videography is sporting events, you can easily picture large cameras suspended by long cable systems. Huge camera crews and helicopters documented NASCAR and other sporting events to record different angles of the games.

Today, all that is done using a single drone which is by far a cost-effective and efficient option. Sports coverage has improved more with the use of drones, just as it was witnessed in the winter 2014 Olympics.
8bar Crit 2017

Innovation and creativity are inspired by drones

DSLR cameras can get a bit boring once you take enough shots in an afternoon. Additionally, there are days when you try so hard to think of creative ways to take some shots, but you still have limited positions. Drones, on the other hand, offer multiple possibilities in composing and creating video or photo content. Such kind of freedom can enhance your creativity.

271/365 The Snake Pass

They can be a hobby

Finally, who wouldn’t want to have fun while taking photos in an exciting way? If you can find a place to experiment with taking high altitude pictures, drones can help you explore different kinds of settings and environment while you are enjoying the whole experience.

Shadow of our future
Photo Credit: All images used via Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing. (1) Drone by Andrew Turner; (2) Road by DannyQu; (3) Waves by Kit Ng; (4) Mont Blanc Massif by will_cyclist; (5) 8bar Crit 2017 by 8bar bikes; (6) The Snake Pass by Andy Wells; (7) Shadow of our future by Billie Grace Ward

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