Best Date Ideas for A Holiday Trip

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Whether you have been in a relationship for 10 years or 10 days, the holiday season can be a stressful time for couples. You have to think about the perfect gifts for everyone, how & where you are spending the holidays, and whether or not your partner will be meeting your family. So why not treat yourself and your partner to a nice Holiday Getaway? The weeks before Christmas are probably the most romantic time of the year – the glittering lights, Christmas music, and everyone is in a festive mood.

Even if you can’t go on actual vacation – how about a Holidays-themed stay-cation in your hometown? There’s only one more thing that’s better than getting into a festive mood: Getting into a festive mood together with your partner! Living in New York City makes it easy for me to talk about getting into a Holiday spirit: the Christmas lights and elaborate window displays on 5th Avenue, ice skating in Central Park… it’s hard NOT to get into the spirit of Christmas. But what if you live somewhere else and can’t afford a Holiday trip to the Big Apple? Here are some ideas for romantic holiday trips – even if it’s only for a weekend, these things will have you hum Jingle Bells in no time:new york christmas display

Attend the Ballet

Even if you do not like ballet, there is something different about attending a production of The Nutcracker during the holiday season. Getting all dressed up to see a ballet performance, sipping champagne beforehand and finishing the night with a post-ballet cocktail makes this a wonderful date idea. This is an option that doesn’t break the bank, by the way: Most theaters offer pretty affordable seats up in the balcony, which is where you want to be anyway.

Visit a Christmas Market

If you plan a romantic holiday trip, make sure to choose a place that has a Christmas Market! Many cities all over the U.S. have Christmas markets these days, and they are perfect to get you all set up for Christmas. You can roam the stalls for tree ornaments and nutcrackers, candles and wooden figurines. If you are lucky, you get to attend a German Christmas market where you can sip on a steaming hot mulled wine and munch on German specialties – Germany is where Christmas markets originate from, so why not do it right! Make the day a themed event and pick out some ugly Christmas sweaters to keep you cozy while you meander through the market. Browse ugly Christmas sweaters online at Tipsy Elves or check out your local thrift stores to find something antiquated – and hilarious. If you are still indecisive as for where to spend a weekend getaway, some of the best German Christmas markets are: the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, the Christmas Village in Philadelphia and the Denver Christkindl Market.

Play in the snow!

If you want to plan a date that will evoke a white Christmas, go outside. Especially if you live in a place that doesn’t get snow for Christmas, like Florida or California, playing in the snow for a few days can make a huge difference on your festive mood. There’s nothing more endearing than building a snowman together and snuggling by the fire after a day spent outside. Don’t be afraid to be silly: build a snowman, have a snowball fight, go tubing and make snow angels! For more snow fun, try to find a place where you can go sledding, skiing or snowshoeing.

If you aren’t able to fly to a snowy destination, head out to the best decorated neighborhoods instead and marvel at their Christmas displays.

New Year’s Eve Date

As perhaps the biggest day of the year, New Year’s Eve is the one other occasion that everyone wants a date for – aside from Valentine’s Day, that is. With a kiss quite literally built into the date, you really cannot go wrong, whether you just started dating or you have been together for a while. Make it special with a fancy dinner, and maybe then hit up a party for the big countdown. Most big cities also put on a firework display, which is pretty romantic, so browse your options and jet off to the best New Year’s countdown you can find. And if you don’t want to go big – You can cook a fun dinner together and chat over the meal with some music playing. Snuggle on the couch and watch your favorite holiday movie or play a card game. Whatever you plan on doing, it should be relaxing and easy.august dinner party crown heights

Happy Holidays!

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