5 Important Pre-travel Checklist Items You Might Have Forgotten


With all the lifehacker pre-travel checklist articles out there, you’d think that people would never ever forget any of their travel essentials, right? Not exactly. People still forget or ignore a lot of things up until the last minute so what ends up happening is that they’re left stressed and frazzled the night before their holiday. You see, as most of us have a tendency towards procrastination, it’s a lot easier for us to remember and act on things that have more rigid deadlines compared to things that we should do a week in advanced. Before flying out, you might want to double check if you’ve done all of these:rise gear rolling

Make arrangements for your pets

Remember that your furry friends are going to need daily visits for feeding, cleaning, and a little love. If you haven’t found a pet sitter amongst your friends, perhaps it’s time to consider a live-in housesitter. You all know that I’m a huge fan of housesitting, and after having done dozens of housesits around the world, I’d never consider kenneling my pup – I’d always select a housesitter to stay with my pets. If you don’t feel comfortable having strangers living in your house while you’re away, check out apps like Wag and Rover, which in addition to live-in housesitters have sitters who offer to board your pets.

Somehow I miss National Dog Day yesterday! Probably because that's not a thing in Germany. But I'd still like to give a shoutout to my buddy Odie, aka the best cocker spaniel in the world, the best cuddler, the best running buddy. If you follow me on snap

Make sure your Visa is actually taken care of

For such an obvious thing, you’d be surprised to know that this travel essential is so often overlooked. So many tourists are turned away from visiting a country because they forgot to prepare the proper visa. As for passports, make sure that the expiration date is not within six months of your departure. What’s worse is that when this happens, you’d be forced to exit the country on the earliest available flight. Imagine the hundreds to thousands of dollars you end up wasting after paying for your tours, accommodations, car hire, and attractions beforehand.passport jess

Get all the necessary vaccines

If you’re traveling someplace exotic, chances are there are preventable viruses and diseases you need to look up and get vaccines for. Make sure to see your doctor at least a week before so they can advise you on which travel immunizations to take for the locality you’re visiting. Apart from vaccines, you might want to take a Vitamin C shot for good measure. WebMD has a great travel vaccines checklist, sorted by continent.Doctor Sucre

Book your long term airport parking

Whether it’s parking at the actual airport or off-airport, either way you get the convenience of being in or near the airport, as well as the savings because you wouldn’t need to take expensive taxi rides or Ubers from home to the airport. The best part off-airport parking is that you get to have a safe place to keep your vehicle for the duration of your trip — and if you’re lucky, you’d be able to find deals that’ll help save more bucks.flightcar dani santa monica

Call your credit card company

One of the worst things that could happen to you is for you to lose access to your credit card while you’re in a different country. While the strictness of security from these credit card companies might give you some comfort, I don’t think that sense of security would offset the inconvenience of not being able to use your credit card in a foreign country, especially during emergencies. The only thing that’s keeping your credit card from being temporarily cut off the moment you use it on foreign land is a quick phone call to your provider. Ring them. It’ll be so much easier than getting cut off in the middle of your holiday.
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In a sea of fashion tips and clever travel hacks, sometimes the essential items in your pre-travel checklist can get a little lost. Before all the quirk and the fluff, be sure to hand these things first! Happy Travels!

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