Why Volunteer as a Nurse in Another Country?

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As you get closer and closer to finishing up your MSN online masters, it’s only natural for you to start thinking about what you’ll be doing once you graduate. While many will instantly start looking for employment, you may not be ready to jump in quite yet. If you’ve been considering volunteering and putting your nursing skills to use in another country but are still on the fence, here are some factors that may give you the push you need to make a decision.

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Nurses Are in High Demand All Over the World

While it’s great to want to volunteer, the fact is that you don’t always have the skills that volunteer organizations are looking for. Well, that isn’t the case with nurses as they are in demand all over the world. As a nurse, you will possess some of the most important skills out there that underdeveloped countries, or those that are trying to recover from natural or man-made disasters, are in desperate need of.

Just take a look at the way these massive hurricanes over the past month have hurt not just states in your own country but almost the entire Caribbean. The Caribbean will spend not just months but years re-building, and nurses will be needed.

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Volunteer to Gain Experience

Even if you aren’t nearing the end of your RN to MSN online program volunteering, is still a wonderful option. It can provide you with a chance to learn hands-on experience that will be invaluable in your future career.

Pre-nursing students are welcome to volunteer with all kinds of different organizations around the world giving them the opportunity to work in a huge array of healthcare settings. You will get to practice taking vitals, providing basic patient care, triage nursing, dressing wounds, and preparing the medical equipment. You will also be watching what other nurses and doctors are doing, giving you a chance to see real-world experiences.

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Learn About Other Cultures

Outside of the benefits to your career, there are also internal benefits to volunteering abroad. Living in another country while you volunteer allows you to learn about different cultures, maybe start to learn a new language, take in the sights of the country, and really broaden your understanding of the world.

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Work to Improve the Health Conditions of Another Country

Here at home, it can sometimes feel as though you can’t make much of a difference in how things work. Maybe you have high hopes of making a positive change in the healthcare industry, but as one individual that seems rather impossible. When you volunteer abroad in countries that are in desperate need of medical help, you can be involved in making a huge difference to their medical system. By the time you finish your volunteering position, you know you’ll have made your mark.

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Get Out There and Share Your Skills

As a nursing student, you have a wonderful opportunity that exists through volunteering. It’s an opportunity that will not only broaden your skills but will provide you with a rewarding experience that you will treasure the rest of your life.

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