The Countries with the Best Beaches to Visit

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One of the best things about being able to travel – full or part time – has to be being able to visit some of the most beautiful and breath-taking stretches of coastline. From southern Africa to Uruguay, there are few things better than letting the sun kiss your skin while dipping your feet in crystal clear water. You’ll need to get prepared before setting foot on the beach, though. Besides the basic towel and sunscreen, it’s always a great feeling to embark on a fresh seaside adventure with a trendy new swimsuit, so why not have a look around online for a fresh new summer look? After this, you’re ready to go! But where? Here are three top picks from across the world.
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Eagle Beach – Aruba

Located in the Caribbean Sea just north of the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a small island that is a constituent country of the Netherlands. The beach is known for its turquoise water, which is warm almost all year round. It’s a great option for people looking to escape the crowds as it’s far less crowded than the nearby Palm Beach; it’s also a ten minute drive away from the island’s capital, Oranjestad. Dominated by a two-kilometer stretch of bone white sand, dotted with divi-divi trees and numerous thatched umbrellas, Eagle Beach is one of the most idyllic places to swim and tan in the Caribbean.
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Elafonissi Beach – Elafonissi, Greece

Perched on the southwestern side of Crete, Elafonissi is renowned for its pink and white beaches as well as clear shallow waters. With the Cretan mountains in the distance, there is hardly anything to complain about when it comes to the vista. The only thing that might put people off is the amount of tourists that crowd the beach in the summer, but you could get around this by getting up super early to catch the sunrise, or stick around later for the sunset. This sunset is one of the most beautiful you’ll see and, besides that, the beach itself offers almost a mile of gorgeous sand and interesting rock formations.
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Camp’s Bay Beach – Cape Town, South Africa

With the mountain and the town of Camps Bay behind it and the Atlantic ocean directly in front, Camps Bay Beach offers one of the most picturesque spots to soak up the sun. As a Blue Flag Beach, it is always clean and protected, with lifeguards monitoring the waters for sharks and struggling swimmers. It’s a popular spot with surfers, tourists, and sunbathers alike. It’s also fronted by a huge number of trendy bars and restaurants, so if you’d like to take a break from the sand and simply admire its beauty simple head up to Café Caprice and enjoy a cocktail. The beach and town are so beautiful that they were used as the setting for the virtual “perfect” town in an episode of the TV series Black Mirror.
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