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It’s not often that I get excited about a new app – in fact, the last app that had me giddy with joy after discovering it was Cups, a New York based app to find independent coffee shops which enables you to buy payment plans at a discount. That app changed my life in 2015, but since then? Not a single app that has remained on my phone or that has been used regularly, i.e. more than once a month.

Most apps get kicked off my phone as quickly as I download them (because when you have 6,000 photos and loads of music on your phone you do run out of space at some point..), simply because I notice after a few weeks that I never use them.

It took me until this year to finally find an app again that I fell in love with: Pepo!

So what is this magical app?

Pepo, the name coming from ‘people’ and ‘passion’ connects exactly these two things: people with similar passions. Think of it as a social media network where you can talk about your biggest passions with like-minded people. For example, you love to cook and are looking for a place to share your recipes? That’s Pepo. Or you enjoy drawing and are looking for an outlet to share your sketches? Or you enjoy talking about travel but don’t know who to talk to because your friends aren’t as passionate about traveling as you? That’s Pepo. Most of these things you can’t do on a platform like Facebook.. imagine cluttering your newsfeed with recipes you’ve been cooking, or, if you are into fitness, about gym routines you’ve been doing. Most of your friends don’t care.

And that’s why Pepo is the perfect place to share your passions. Everyone can set up a ‘channel’ in which people can talk about anything they want to. There are channels for just about everything: travel, cooking, sports, cities, LGBT, street art – there’s even a ‘dogs of Pepo’ channel! Of course I had to add a picture in there.

And of course I set up a GlobetrotterGirls channel in which I talk about all things travel. I share travel tips, notes from the road, talk about favorite places and favorite foods, and I answer questions, even when they want to know about my love life, which, as you may have noticed, I don’t share here on the blog 😉

The app also allows me to add ‘spotlights’, live videos that can be featured up to 24 hours – so you can see exactly what I’m doing.

The interaction has been great, and I have done one live Q&A session and am going to do another one on Sunday, 2 April from 10am EST to 2pm EST (2pm GMT, 3pm CET) – so if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me, make sure to download the app and join my channel before 31 March! You’ll get a notification in the app when the Q&A begins.

I’ve not only been giving advice though – I’ve also got so much out of the app. In a NYC Off The Beaten Path group for example I learned about an immersive play that I hadn’t heard about yet and that sounds fabulous. I’ve even come across a piece by my favorite street artist Alice Pasquini in Singapore I’d never seen before!

I joined a couple of cooking channels and constantly find myself screen grabbing recipes in those. They even inspired me to set up my own baking channel when I get back to my own kitchen, since I love baking and spent five weeks in Germany over Christmas baking something new every week, I found myself wishing I had an outlet to share my adventures in baking. With Pepo, I’ve now found this outlet!

I’ve been fairly active in all the channels I joined, giving travel tips for London and New York, sharing personal favorites in channels like Sri Lanka and Luxury Travel.

Pepo is not only an app I really enjoy, but it’s one of the very few apps that I’ve been using nearly daily. I love checking what’s going on in my channels before I go to bed, chime in to a few discussions, and get inspiration for recipes to try.

If you think Pepo is an app you’d enjoy, here are my tips to get the most out of it:

1) Find the right channels for you 

The reason I enjoy this app so much is because I found the right channels for me – all topics that I’m truly passionate about: Places I love like Berlin and New York, food, fitness and travel of course. So every time I open the app, I know I’ll find some interesting discussions. You can search for groups by key word or by location – that way you can even find channels with members near you, and maybe meet like-minded people in real life after connecting through the app. If you’d like to join channels in your proximity, use the ‘Nearby’ search button.

The best way to find channels that match your interests is by using the ‘Discover’ button. When you join Pepo, you’ll be asked to add up to six interests & fields of expertise, and based on those, Pepo will suggest channels for you. They did a pretty good job with the channels they suggested for me – I haven’t deleted a single channel that I joined based on Pepo’s suggestion.

2) Set up your own channel

As you might know by now, I enjoy sharing my travel stories, travel tips and photos, so of course I wanted to set up my own channel. And I love all the interaction I’ve been getting on there! If you have a passion that you want to share, I highly recommend setting up your own channel. Your channel doesn’t have to be public, by the way – you can also create a private channel just for you and your friends, or a secret channel that can’t be found by anyone but the people you’re inviting to join.

Pepo makes it also easy to add people to your channel – you can add people who are following you as well as your friends on Pepo. Pepo also makes it super easy to add friends – you can sync your phone contacts and add people on your contact list, you can invite your Facebook friends or people who are in your WhatsApp contact list.

3) Participate & Engage

The fun thing about Pepo is the interaction with people who share my passions. And not only with the people who comment on my own channel, but I also enjoy commenting on other people’s channels, asking questions and joining interesting discussions.

You can download Pepo for Android here and Pepo for iOS here.

If you join Pepo and my channel, please say hi and feel free to add me to your friends list!

Join my Live Q&A

I am doing a life Q&A on Pepo on Sunday, 2 April from 10am EST to 2pm EST (2pm GMT, 3pm CET) and I would love to see you there!


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