Triply: Revolutionizing The Way You Search for Hotels


It’s not often that a new hotel search engine comes along that actually offers something groundbreaking, something that stands out from the rest, or that I think is worthwhile trying out.

But every once in a while, exactly that happens: I hear about a new search engine that catches my attention. Triply is exactly that – a hotel search engine that aims to be different. How, you’re asking?triplyTriply is creating a very personalized search experience by focusing not only on a set of search criteria, but on determining the level of importance for each one.

So what does this mean? This means you as a user decide how much focus you want to put on criteria such as wifi, a gym, a pool, location, or a specific brand. For example: your preferred brand is Marriott? So you’ll want to make this a criteria you’re ‘very interested’ in. You don’t care much about a spa? Mark that as something you’re ‘moderately interested’ or ‘not interested’ in.

To get personalized results when searching for a hotel, you simply set your preferences by setting the sliders to ‘interested’ or ‘not interested’:triply-slider

With this method, you get search results that are much more personalized and tailored to your exact needs and desires.

And not only that, I can also rule out all the fabulous hotels I usually see in my hotel searches that are way out of my budget by setting a budget limit right at the beginning:triply-hotels

The search results will then show those hotels first that meet your requirements 100%, and further down in the results those hotels that still match them, but not 100%. You’ll be able to see how much a hotel matches your requirements.triply-search-resultsWant to give it a try? Start your personalized hotel search right here:

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