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Travelling the world has become the new universal dream, whether you’re quitting your job and committing to the life of a nomad or just planning a couple of weeks under the sun somewhere. Regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the first step to take before packing your bag is to do your research. Asking friends for tips and recommendations is an invaluable resource when it comes to planning travel, and with today’s social technology, it is easier than ever to share our thoughts, experiences, and even our guest rooms (AirBnB) and translation tips (Google Translate). The sharing economy, also known as the person-to-person marketplace, has created amazing improvements to the travel resources available and will undoubtedly continue to make changes to the travel industry.laptop acer aspireThe latest addition to available on-the-go resources is the newfound popularity of unique, rentable workshop spaces and event venues. Spacebase is one of the largest hosts of these new commodities and the site offers unique spaces for meetings, workshops, screenings, events, you name it. These available spaces aren’t your typical stuffy hotel meeting rooms; the site mainly hosts interesting and freshly designed workshop spaces and it’s easy to imagine tons of uses for them. If you’re one of the people on the list below, you’ll find that these rooms can be your new go-to travel resource.boracay office

1 Digital Nomads

By now, every young professional knows about co-working spaces. With options to grab a desk for as long (or as short) as you want, coworking is an amazing option for remote workers. However, most of the time, co-working spaces can only be accessed if you buy a pricey monthly membership, which doesn’t make sense if you’re only in town for a week or only have a day’s work to get done. At the same time, the other available options aren’t much better. Cafes are noisy and busy while public libraries don’t have wifi for those without a local library card.

Just when you think you’re out of options, by-the-hour meeting room rentals arise as the perfect solution to the work-while-you-travel dilemma. With these professional work rooms, you don’t have to pay a huge membership fee to enjoy the member perks, which vary by space and range from free coffee all the way to a free local wine and artisan cheese tasting. Many of the meeting spaces on the site listed above are privately owned and operated by individuals rather than huge office leasing companies, which provides the potential for tons of memorable experiences to add to your travel. If your heart is set on co-working, have no fear. Some co-working offices, such as The Farm Soho Coworking, also list their rooms on meeting room platforms, letting you have your cake and eat it too. The meeting spaces vary greatly in style, size and price, but check them out on the platform linked above to find the one that fits you and your work nomad office

2 Social Butterflies

Sites like MeetUp and EventBrite make it easy to attract people interested in every niche, hobby and industry, which is wonderful for social butterflies who like to meet and network with like-minded people. These events provide invaluable opportunities for travelers to find and network with people who share the same interests. The different meetup groups vary greatly and there’s no chance you won’t find something you’re interested in; there are groups for everyone from solo travelers to belly dance beginners to coffee lovers. Join as many meetup groups as you like and enjoy your travel that much more. However, what if your group doesn’t have a meetup planned while you’re in town? This can be especially frustrating if your hometown doesn’t have a group for people interested in Lord of the Rings fan fiction yet the town you’re visiting has the largest chapter. If there’s no party to speak of, how can you get invited?

The answer: throw your own party! While it may seem impossible to tackle hosting a meetup when you’re sleeping in a hostel bunk bed, the growing popularity of rentable workshop and event venues makes them a better solution than ever before. Renting these unique spaces by the hour can also be pretty easy on your pocket. You can ask attendees to bring a dollar or two each to help out as well as some snacks for passing. Set up the meetup page for the group you’d like to meet, book a low-cost event space in the city, then watch as your new friends walk through the door!new york east river state park view with empire state building

3 Anyone with a Skill

Have you ever been told that you’re amazing at nail art? Or perhaps that you have sick beatboxing skills? If you’ve ever been given a compliment on your hobbies, you could monetize them by hosting your own workshop. Perhaps you’ve thought of this before but realized that no one is interested in learning your rice cooking tips and origami skills in Japan, your home country. However, skills that may be ingrained in your culture back home become instantly more valuable and interesting when you travel elsewhere.

This idea can be used by anyone traveling who’d like to share their skill with a new community and make a little extra money. The steps are simple: find a space to fit your workshop, promote it across social media and meetup pages, and lastly, welcome your students as they walk through the door! However, hosting a workshop in a foreign city was next to impossible in the past due to the difficulty of finding a viable space and getting people to attend. With the progress of social media’s influence over events and affordable, easy-to-find workshop spaces now available by the hour, you can finally spread your skill around and give back to the communities you’re visiting.Artist Studio

4 You

There are countless ways that these unique spaces can be used. Need a space for a clothing swap with friends while you’re abroad? Or perhaps you’d like to host a pop-up in a new city to gauge the regional customer interest? Maybe you don’t live in your hometown anymore and want to host a dinner with friends! Once you’re browsing these spaces, you’ll quickly realize that there’s no limit to their potential uses. These rooms are affordable, diverse and ready around the world for you to stop by while you’re passing through. Your only limit now is your imagination. How might you use one of these unique spaces?brighton cafe

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