What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway in the French Alps


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A weekend ski getaway in the French Alps is a great way to relax while also having a lot of fun at the same time. However, you may worry about practical matters such as what to pack before you go.

You certainly don’t want to end up heaving around heavy luggage that is packed with lots of un-necessary items. Having said that, you don’t want to find yourself short of clothes or gear when you out there either.

Bearing that in mind, it is worth thinking about what you should pack before you get away. The following are some of the best ideas for you to consider.

Warm and Suitable Clothes for Skiing

If you are going for a weekend in the French Alps then it seems safe to assume that you are going to try out some of the world’s finest ski slopes while you are there. Places like Les Gets, Morzine, Meribel, and Chamonix are fabulous places to go skiing.

The first step towards making sure that you have a brilliant time on your skiing trip is to get the right sort of clothing to use out on the slopes. Of course, you need warm clothing as it is going to be pretty cold at whichever French Alps resort you head to.Snowboarder by John HammondBasically, the typical skiing outfit involves a warm base layer or two, a ski jacket and pants, goggles, a hat, and ski boots. The more warm layers you use the cozier you will be, but you also need to feel comfortable and be able to move freely at the same time.

You may feel a little bit ridiculous when you put on so many clothes at home but you will be pleased to be so wrapped up once you get to the Alps. In the worst case scenario, you should be able to buy some skiing gear locally once you get here, but it is far better to go fully prepared.

If you are looking for a great ski trip vacation for kids then it makes sense to get their clothing sorted out well in advance, to avoid the risk of them feeling cold once they get there. You don’t want to be rushing around trying to find new clothes for them as soon as you arrive and their teeth start chattering.Snowboarder_in_flight_(Tannheim,_Austria) by Soren Hoven

Something Smart for the Après Ski

For many of us, the very best thing about going to a classy ski town is the chance that it offers to enjoy the vibrant après ski scene. The best resorts here are packed with amazing bars, pubs and even some night clubs for you to enjoy.

However, you might want to have a different outfit or two, so that you don’t need to go out in the same gear you wore to go skiing earlier in the day. Even sitting down for a nice meal in a smart restaurant can be awkward if you are wearing your bulky skiing clothing and are all hot and bothered.

Many of the bars and restaurants here are nice and snug inside, with a roaring log fire being a fairly common feature to look out for. This means that you are likely to be a lot warmer indoors than you are when outside.

Because of this, it makes perfect sense to go out wearing layers that you can peel off as the need arises. So, you will want the clothes you have under your jacket to be ones that you are proud of and comfortable to wear in a social setting.

The most popular ski resorts are seen by many as being wonderful places to try out some of the best winter fashion styles. You will see plenty of people looking fabulous and will want to try and fit in with that if you are going to feel comfortable going out for some après ski.Beer Tasting

Comfortable Clothing for Staying In

Another terrific part of a ski trip that not everything thinks of is the time spent in the chalet, apartment or hotel. These are often lovely places where spending a few hours soaking up the views and having a glass of wine or three is an extremely tempting option.

This is going to be especially true if you are going on a group or family ski break. In this case, it is entirely possible that your accommodation becomes the hub where you all eat, drink and chat together.

This means that you will want to take along some comfortable clothes that you will feel happy lounging around in. In this way, you can fully relax and treasure these informal moments without any worries.

It is likely to be a lot warmer indoors than it is outside, although you might want to avoid turning up the heating too much and making it too big a difference. However, you should pack something a bit lighter for wearing indoors in case you start to feel the heat.

If you are staying in an apartment or chalet with a balcony or other outdoor space then you will probably want to wrap up well in order to be able to enjoy some quality time out there. By booking with a quality site such as iGOSKI you can be sure that you get the right type of accommodation where you feel right at home.bavaria-snow

Think About What Else You Want to Do

Apart from skiing, what other activities are you interested in trying out while you are here in the French Alps? By taking a look at your destination online you should start to get an idea what it offers in terms of other things to do.

Perhaps you will head for a day in a local spa, take some yoga classes, go to the swimming pool or do something else exciting and a little bit unexpected. It is a smart move to think ahead about the type of activities that you might need to pack some clothes for.

If anything crops up that you haven’t planned for then you might get lucky looking for what you need in one of the local stores. Most of them have mainly winter clothing on offer but you might find exactly what you need if you are in a bigger resort with more variety.Snowboarder by John Hammond

What Not to Pack

The good news is that packing lightly is easy for a French Alps ski trip. For a start, if you are staying in an apartment or chalet then you can expect it to be fully equipped with everything that you need.

If you are going to be cooking there then you should have a local store or supermarket not too far away. Certainly, there is no need to take away food or cooking equipment with you.

You also don’t need to take away any ski equipment, as you can hire this once you get away. This means that you can go away feeling light and unencumbered by heavy luggage.

Getting your packing right is one sure fire to get your ski trip off to the best possible start. By putting a little bit of thought into it you can pack only what you need and enjoy a wonderful trip with no hassles at all.Glacier Hintertux in Austria

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