Getting my first apartment in 7 years: Why renting furniture is the way to go


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Nearly a year has gone by since I declared that I was tired of being nomadic and that it was time for me to find a base. Over the past few months, I’ve started to slowly prepare for my post-nomadic life. I scouted out potential places to call home – not only within New York, but I’ve also looked at other U.S. cities. I scouted out neighborhoods in Austin and Seattle, I considered Southern California for a minute, but it all came back to one finding: Brooklyn has my heart.cort-room

Planning a stress-free house move

The next step was to plan my actual move. Would I get an apartment or just a room? Which neighborhood would I rent in? Sublet or lease? And what about furniture? After such a long time of roaming the globe without ever having to think about furnishing a place because short-term sublets always come furnished, setting up a base in one place feels almost overwhelming.

Buying furniture vs renting furniture

For me, the most pressing question is: Should I buy furniture? Should I bring the few items I’ve still got in storage in Europe from my last apartment in London over to the U.S.? The nomad in me hates making commitments. What if I want to pack up again after a few months and try living somewhere else?

Take my friend Nina for example: She used to be a nomad, like me, and moved to New York in January. She was excited to set up a base in Williamsburg, signed a lease for an incredibly gorgeous apartment and went furniture shopping in some fancy stores. Now, not even a year later, she is packing up her place, hitting the road again, and regrets having invested thousands of dollars in furniture she is now selling on Craigslist, not even getting half of what she paid for her bed, sofa, dining table and reading chair – and they’re not even twelve months old!

Enter furniture rental. What, that’s a thing?! I had no idea that I could rent furniture until I was introduced to CORT Furniture Rental, and maybe you don’t know about it either, so let me tell me a bit more about the concept of furniture rental.


Furniture rental advantages

The advantages are easy to see: As I’ve already said, you don’t need to deal with selling your furniture – especially if you want to move quickly. And my generation seems to be much more location flexible than our parents’ generation. So many of my friends have moved within the U.S. – from coast to coast, from north to south, from the mountains to the sea. Millennials like me are much less likely to nest in one place like previous generations did. And not only one move, but I know several people who’ve tried out several places in the U.S. over the years, and I don’t think they’ll stay in one place for more than a few years. Why would you? There are so many awesome cities in this country, and I love that I can live in whichever one I pick, but also knowing that I can pack up again at any time. I am pretty sure that had my friend Nina known about the possibility to rent furniture, she would have opted for that instead of buying them.

And speaking of buying: Who has time to walk around furniture stores for hours trying to decide which sofa or bed to buy? Decorating a room according to your personal taste is much easier online, and less time-consuming, considering you don’t have to travel to various stores (if you are like me and compare prices and items everywhere).

For those of you who do like to see the items they choose before making a decision, fear not: CORT has showrooms in all major cities around the U.S., so you can actually do a lounging test on your future couch or a lay-in in your future bed before committing to it.cort-sofa

A peek at the website reveals that CORT’s furniture is upscale and classy, elegant and contemporary. There are so many different styles and items to choose from, it’s almost impossible to make a decision. Which chairs? Which bedside table? Which bedside lamp? Which dresser? I love all the different options I get! By the way – furniture isn’t the only thing you can rent: CORT also offers housewares from linens to silverware and bathroom essentials, from irons to coffee makers and even plants!


It’s less expensive

Another thing I love about the concept of renting furniture is that you don’t have to put down a chunk of money at once. Instead, you pay the monthly rental fee, which is far less than furnishing a new apartment. And not only that – but if you do decide to move across the country, you also don’t need to deal with a pricey moving company. I also know people who get send to a different city for a 6 or 12-month contract, and for them it makes even less sense to furnish an apartment. Of course you could move into a furnished apartment in that case, but being able to choose the furniture that matches your taste and personality makes the place feel much homier. And you can actually choose the exact same furniture every time you move, without the hassle of moving them from city to city.

You can easily change the look of your apartment

I couldn’t imagine a better and easier way to furnish my first apartment after such a long time of location independence. And the best thing? For people like me who crave changes all the time, renting furniture has another advantage: as soon as you are tired of a certain item, you can simply replace it. That might even be my favorite part of it all. Time for a color change? Why not! You might think a green-themed is a great idea today, but what if you prefer orange six months from now? Or what if you don’t need that home office anymore and want to make it into a second bedroom instead?cort-living-room

With CORT, it is super easy to arrange for pieces to be exchanged. The same goes for a bed, for example: if it’s not comfortable anymore, you can just pick a new one. Definitely not an option when you buy a bed and realize after a few months that it wasn’t a good pick.

A super easy process

For me, this will also be the most practical option, because the process is so simple: I choose the furniture I want, I order them through the CORT website, I pick a delivery date, I decide if I want to use their exclusive Move-In Ready™ service, and that’s it. I’ll be waiting in my empty room or apartment, and 48 hours later everything will be delivered, put together and ready to be used by me. Isn’t that the best thing ever? The ease of the whole process is a huge draw for me. The same goes for moving out, by the way. You just announce the date you’re finishing your lease, tell CORT when you want them to pick up the furniture, and that’s it.cort1

Playing around with room concept designs

Since I won’t be moving into my apartment until early next summer, I am having some fun playing around with the room designs on the CORT website. How do you like this bed room decor, for example?cort-bedroom

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