How to Plan the Perfect French Road Trip

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Going on a driving holiday can make your trip away all the more memorable. A car allows you the freedom to go where you want in a more flexible manner and indeed at a time that suits you. Plus, when you’re out and about on the roads you can get to take in the sights and sounds – unlike being in a plane at 30,000 feet.

France in particular though is a great choice for a road trip holiday, outside of the city centers are beautiful and relatively quiet roads that wind their way through a variety of different backdrops – from the history of the North to the warmth of the South. Here we’ve detailed everything you need to know and have in place to make your French road trip a reality this summer:

boulogne-sur-mer townsquare

Plot out your Route

You should have a rough idea of how long you want to go away for so plot out the route of destinations you want to visit. A quick search in Google Maps should be able to give you an indication of how long it can take to drive between your chosen stops. Then get on the booking sites and arrange your accommodation on the relevant dates.

corsica village houses

Make a List of Things to Do

It’s fair to say there’s quite a lot you can do in France, as this post from Card Cutters will vouch for, so make a list of what you want to do in each stop. Also allow some time for extra adventures you might wish to pursue when you spot interesting places out on the roads.

Research the Roads

Speaking of the roads, France has its own rules and regulations you must adhere to, otherwise you risk penalties and fines. Carry out a little research into what you need and what French drivers’ attitudes are like to make sure you are properly prepared.ajaccio & boats

Don’t Forget your Euros

Lastly, while you’ll need some euros to pay for food, fun and accommodation, France also has toll roads so make sure you’ve got plenty of cash on you to cover you in case you find yourself driving on one by mistake.

corsica market ajaccio

With all this in mind then, all there’s left for you to do now is get your car packed and head out on what’s sure to be a ‘manifique’ experience. A final piece of advice is to take your time, as alluded to above you can uncover some hidden gems en route by traveling at a more leisurely pace.

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