5 ways to save money as you travel

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Travelling needn’t be expensive. Whether you’re exploring the UK, or heading overseas there are always deals to be had and bargains to be enjoyed. With the explosion in price comparison websites and other useful online sites you’ll soon find that your dreams of adventure and travel don’t need to cost a fortune.

  1. Buy your tickets in advance

If you are researching affordable tickets for your chosen destination, off-season deals, advance fares or even last minute purchases are very often the cheapest way to travel. This might present a problem if it’s the middle of the month and your bank account is already showing signs of lurching into the red. Don’t panic as help is at hand. If you own a car and take out a logbook loan you can repay the debt in easy instalments and still have the cash to take advantage of the best travel deals on offer.dani silvercar

  1. Museum discounts

Visiting museums overseas is a lot less expensive than you may think, even well known ones. Admission to The Louvre in Paris or the Prado in Madrid is only 15 Euros and 14 Euros respectively, and prices are discounted further for certain groups and times of the day. Alternatively, see if you can buy a pass that will give you access to multiple museums at a reduced price. Paris runs a ‘museums at night’ scheme, the money you’ll have saved on your tickets means that you can treat yourself to a drink when you leave the museum around 10.00 louvre

  1. Check your health insurance

The last thing that you’ll want to spend money on is an expensive trip to the doctor’s surgery when travelling. Accidents do happen in the most unlikely of places, so check that your travel insurance is up to date and also includes any extreme activities should you be a fan of paragliding, bungee jumping or any other adventurous sports. If travelling in Europe make sure that your EHIC is up to date.dani negev desert hike

  1. Hotels and hostels

A glossy write up is one thing; a flea-ridden pit is another. As you are travelling always read hotel reviews on Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet to ensure that your chosen hotel or hostel is clean and safe. If you fancy an adventure in a 5 Star hotel, the Money Saving Expert website suggests that you visit Last for the very best deals for classy establishments around the world. For the best hostels, have a look at online forums, or even join the Youth Hostelling Association. This international organisation offers affordable accommodation and isn’t restricted to the hostel reykjavik room

  1. Guided tours can be expensive

Unless you’re travelling in a part of the world where a guide is essential to your understanding of your environment try to steer clear of a guided tour. You can always read up on your destination in advance and make your own discoveries. You’ll also find cheaper souvenirs with a bit of bartering rather than using the shops suggested by a guide. The shops pay the guides a commission to steer customers their way!Huehuetenango artisans

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