Planning an epic summer of travels in the U.S.

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While I’ve been escaping winter in North America for the past couple of months, enjoying the sunny Colombian weather, I am going to be honest with you: I am looking forward to returning to the U.S. next month! When I return to New York in March, I will dedicate the next six month entirely to traveling in the U.S., and I’ve got some exciting travel plans:

New York City – obviously! My favorite city in the world, and I am going to spend a big chunk of the summer there, just like I did the past three summers.manhattan from top of the rock

Austin, Texas – Quirky Austin has been on my travel wish list for years and I am beyond excited to be spending a whole month there in May.

Tucson, Arizona – Yes, I’ll be returning to Tucson for the 5th time! Just can’t seem to stay away for too long.. it’s almost like an annual desert retreat for me at this point… if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love Southern Arizona’s desert.

A Southwest road trip – I’ve been wanting to tour Utah’s National Parks for a couple of years now and I hope that this is going to happen this summer. I’ve road tripped through California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico and it’s time to finally visit Utah!

Los Angeles / SoCal – I’ll be spending most of September between L.A. and San Diego, housesitting and visiting friends!santa monica sunset pier

Washington, D.C. – I am trying to make it to D.C. in time for the cherry blossoms and to visit someone very close to my heart.

Seattle, Washington – I can’t believe I’ve never been and would visit friends there, too.

Las Vegas, Nevada – because I want to see my friend’s brand new baby!

New Orleans, Louisiana – I’ve been wanting to return to NOLA ever since my first visit in 2011 and one of my best friends is trying to talk me into going there for a week with her. So far, her arguments have been pretty convincing.New Orleans Jackson Square

As you can see, my travel plans are already pretty ambitious (and I’m sure some other things will pop up as well!) and I am starting to plan how I will get from place to place, which routes are the most convenient and the most economical. Bus? Plane? Maybe finally a train trip, which I’ve also been dreaming of forever?

Just in time for my US summer travel planning, I stumbled upon GoTicket, a new platform that allows you to search for bus and train tickets in the U.S. The platform covers over 90,000 routes already!

My first test for the website was trying to find out if there is a bus route between Tucson, Arizona, to Austin, Texas, where I’ll head from Arizona. In GoTicket, you can find multiple bus schedules for a date of your choice, or simply search to see if there’s a connection available for your destination (without specific dates).goticket tucson - austin busScore! There is a bus all the way from Tucson to Austin, and it’s only apprx. $89, which easily beats the price of a plane ticket. Since the Southwest has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the U.S., I don’t mind spending some time on a bus. Now if there was a train for this route, that would be even better.
goticket tucson austin trainAnd yes, GoTicket also found a train route from Tucson to Austin for me, and for me as a huge fan of train trips, no question: This is how I will travel from Arizona to Texas this spring!

Another one of my upcoming trips I wanted to research was my visit to California later this summer. I will be housesitting for friends in Long Beach and am planning to travel to San Diego from there to visit a friend. So I was wondering: would it actually be possible to go straight from Long Beach to San Diego, or would I have to go via Los Angeles (which is north of Long Beach, and wouldn’t make any sense, since San Diego is south of Long Beach).

And again, GoTicket didn’t disappoint:goticket long beach to san diego train

For only $52 (apprx.), I can take the Amtrak straight from Long Beach to San Diego, which is amazing! Plus, the train ride is supposed to be beautiful, following the coastline all the way south.

GoTicket doesn’t only show you the cost of the connection, but also lists all available trains and how long each one takes:
goticket long beach to san diego train timesI will definitely use Go Ticket for some of my other journeys within the U.S. this year – for example the trip from Washington, D.C. to New York, which I wouldn’t mind doing by train instead of bus.

Which websites do you use to plan your U.S. travels? Share in the comments below!


  1. I hope we cross paths at some point! I will be flying into Denver on 29th March then heading west from there. Will be in Arizona and Utah in early April, and Seattle in early to mid May. Would be great to finally meet!

    1. Katie – Let me know if you happen to pass through Tucson during the last two weeks of April.. I have a guest bed room! 🙂

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