The five safest countries for a female solo traveler in 2016

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Today let’s talk a bit about the safety during your trips around the globe. Especially if you are planning to travel all by yourself, and it happens that you are a lady traveler too!

Bellow, I am going to share a short list made by professional travel gurus. The list, of course, contains five safest countries around the globe that are just perfect to visit for all ladies who are willing to see the world all by themselves. The good part is that this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are a lot of countries that are super safe to travel to alone, and the ones I am going to mention bellow is just a small part of the world. So – have fun!dani in arizona


Iceland is one of the leaders in safe travel list since this fantastic island is very liberal and really open to new people from different cultures. Moreover, this country has a lot more to offer than safety! In fact, all what you ever heard about the beauty of this country is true. All those gazers, mountains, elves (!) and hot springs will make your vacation in Iceland unforgettable. And the small detail that everyone in Iceland will be real gentlemen and won’t bother you at all is just a nice cherry on top of the cake.dani jokulsarlon glacier lagoon ice iceland1


Canada is another leader in lists like the one you are reading right now. Furthermore, nearly everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by multiculturalism and some of the most breathtaking landscapes your eyes have ever seen. All those national parks altogether with beautiful old cities both with English and French influence will take your breath away for long. Also, since Canadians have a reputation for being the friendliest and the most polite people in the world, you will always feel safe in here, even if you are traveling all by yourself.brockville dani


This little beauty of South America might not be one of the leaders of safety linked list, but there are some good examples and testimonies from solo females who have been there. To be fair, if you travel here alone, for the most part, you likely won’t be alone, since there will be a lot of backpackers and other travelers in similar situations just like you. And we all know how open minded and friendly traveler are (aren’t we?). An established tourism industry in Peru is also a huge plus, making the logistics and planning less of a hassle and more pleasant. And let’s not forget the natural beauty of this country, altogether with incredible history and the real taste of exotic!dani in machu picchu


Yes! Japan is super safe because here you probably won’t be attacked and robbed, but keeping in mind that it is easier to get lost in here due to locals inability to speak English. In all metropolises of Japan, there are always tons of police officers around and streets are always bright. So feeling unsafe here would be unnecessary, because nobody will bother you for sure! Since this beautiful and truly exotic country is so great, Japan can truly be named as another perfect destination for solo female wanderings around the globe.



And the last place you should visit in 2016, which is also one of the safest places for all solo female travelers is… Cuba! Yup! Cuba, which recently opened up their borders to the rest of the world, is still unspoiled by tons of tourists, and they are pretty pleasant for women as well. Since it is a Latin country, all women are respected in here and often considered to be a real head of the family too. So Cubans will look at you not as some kind of the object, but as another strong and independent woman traveling all by herself. Cuba Cars

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Photo credit: Japan by Moyan Brenn; Cuba by Angelo Domini, both via Flickr’s Creative Commons Photo License

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