How old are New York Buildings?

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You’ll hear first-time visitors asking how old are New York Buildings?

Lost amid New York’s soaring skyline is the dignity of old buildings, as they’re nestled tightly in-between the mighty structures of modern times, but they still command a love for a bygone era that has all but faded away. Still, dozens of beautiful buildings from the 19th and 20th Century have been torn down in favor of newer, more eye-opening skyscrapers. Worshipers cry for them to be persevered because of their classic, stylish york broadway buildingsOne of the biggest detriments to living in New York City is that it seems to be always under constant reconstruction. Land developers love the concept of tearing something down only to build it right back up. They hear the demands for better living conditions from all city york running routeNew York has a rich history, and not surprisingly, it has managed to hold onto a number of structures from the days when the city was still a colony called New Netherland. Many of them are the actual homes from the Dutch farming settlement that lived throughout all five boroughs.

So, how old are New York Buildings? Well, lets take a look at the oldest neighborhood, skyscraper and apartment building.chinatown new york city

Oldest Neighborhood

Lower Manhattan is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of New York, as it home to older buildings that have the urban center of the community. The other boroughs strive to gain the type of culture, but few have matched it. Any resident of Lower Manhattan is fortunate to live by these older buildings, as they’re simply breath-taking to view. Available real estate is scarce, which has local developers scrambling to secure property. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of land is up for sale in this part of york city architecture

Oldest Skyscraper

The Flatiron Building isn’t the oldest skyscraper in New York, but it was the most daring construction project of its time. It was the first building to use a steel skeleton, as many of the residents were outraged because they felt the structure was too big and looked out of place in the neighborhood. In the end, it’s singular shape and prominent location made the Flatiron building one of New York’s prime attractions. It has been featured by many photographers and artists as an enduring symbol of New York. The Flatiron Building has been on more postcards than any other famous New York building.Flatiron Building New York CityThe Flatiron building was constructed on the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue, which was once prime real estate in New York. The building is only 21 stories tall, thus making it barely noticeable on the city’s ever-evolving skyline. The observation deck on the top floor is useless because of all taller building surrounding the Flatiron york city concrete jungle

Oldest Apartment Building

The Stuyvesant Apartments, located on East Eighteenth Street, was the first apartment building built in New York. The emerging middle class needed a place to live among the townhouses and homes that populated the surrounding neighborhoods. Architects brought over an innovative design addition from France, as each apartment would have its own bathroom inside the unit. No longer did families and individuals have to share a communal restroom and bathing area. This added feature made the Stuyvesant Apartments the first upscale multi-unit building in New York. This introduction of a new type of living conditions to the big city was ideal for the working class, who didn’t need much space to call home. Construction began in 1869.brooklyn brownstonesLooking for a place to stay in New York City? Check out for the best deals on hostels and hotels in NYC!


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