9 Amazing Cities And Towns You Should Visit During Your Lifetime

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Are you looking for some new places to visit in the world this year, but can’t find anything that really suits you? Take a look at some of these fantastic destinations that will rock your socks off.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, once loved by the Victorians, is now a little less conservative today, and attracts thrill-seekers and outdoor adventurers alike. Surrounded by awe-inspiring lakes, Thun and Brienz, you won’t be short of stunning scenery in Interlaken. Perhaps even more mouth-dropping are the peaks, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. This is a great holiday for active types, but conversely, you don’t have to be active to appreciate the beautiful landscape.Harder Kulm

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg is known for its wonderfully preserved medieval Old Town. In the Middle Ages, this even was Germany’s second largest city. Extremely popular, the Night Watchman’s Tour can give you a gritty insight into the history of Rothenburg. To get a fantastic view, climbing the Town Hall tower is a must. Its half-timbered buildings are even more picturesque during the Christmas period.

Carbost, Isle of Skye

Carbost is one of the more popular areas of the stunning Isle of Skye, especially as it has a Talisker whiskey brewery. But, if you choose to stay in this picturesque area, you are not far from the lovely fairy pools, which have recently become quite well-known internationally, due to the magical, clear waters you can find here.'Getting There' - Red Hills, Isle of Skye, ScotlandOver the years, Portofino has attracted a wide range of celebrities, from Beyoncé to Rihanna. It’s a shame that its popularity has really bumped up the price of staying at this beautiful, Italian destination, with its picturesque houses, but it’s worth sitting in one of the fancy cafés and drinking in the scenery anyway.

Colmar, France

Capital of the Alsatian wine region, Colmar looks like it has stepped straight out of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This romantic town has often been called “Little Venice”, with its lovely canals and waterfronts. The half-timbered buildings here are simply stunning, and it was once home to quite wealthy residents, leading to come amazing cultural stop-off points, such as Isenheim’s altarpiece and ‘Madonna in the Rose Garden’, painted for the church of Saint Martin.ColmarFun fact: Colmar was actually the inspiration for much of the animated film, Howl’s Moving Castle.

Bibury, England

Arguably the most picturesque village in England, Bibury is full of stone weavers’ cottages, and has a remarkable, quintessentially English charm about it. Arlington Row can even be found depicted on British passports, and was built in 1380 as a monastic wool store, before being converted into cottages in the 17th century. There are even the remnants of a Roman villa nearby, where some coins were found in the late 19th century.

Annecy, France

Another French destination that has aspirations towards Venice, Annecy is dominated by canals, and the town centre is built around a medieval, small castle, which is isolated by water. However, this isn’t the only castle in the vicinity; there is yet another, which can be found on a hill overlooking the city.Le Beau Soleil - Annecy - France

Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan

An amazing cultural city in Japan, Kyoto has beautiful temples and a rich history, but go a little further afield, and you will find their verdant bamboo groves. You can access the bamboo grove directly from the main street, Arahiyama, and the walk will take you to the Okochi-Sanso Villa and its wabi-sabi gardens.

Athens, Greece

Athens is often forgotten these days, even though the culture and history here is off the charts. Not only will you be able to sample some of the best food and wine in the world, but you can marvel at the ancient ruins throughout the city, including one of the most recognisable symbols of Ancient Greece, The Acropolis. You can expect beautifully warm weather from April through to October, so if you plan ahead, you can avoid the tourist crowds and still get a summer tan!The Ideal of Beauty

Photo credit: (1) Interlaken View Point by Kosala Bandara ,(2) Isle of Skye by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, (3) Colmar by Francisco Antunes, (4) Annecy by MorBNC, (5) Pantheon, Athens by Mario Lapid. All photos via Flickr’s Creative Commons License.

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