Spain’s Best Family Holiday Destinations

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With all of the beautiful destinations and breathtaking attractions Spain has to offer, it can be difficult to outline a specific holiday there. But one way to go about it is to decide which sort of trip you’d like to have, and narrow down specific destinations from there. So in this article we’re going to take a look at some of the top family holiday options in Spain!

Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa was recommended by multiple travel experts writing for Telegraph, specifically in response to a reader’s question about family travel in Spain. Located at the northern end of Majorca, Puerto Pollensa is known as one of the most family-friendly resort areas in any of Spain’s popular tourist areas. It offers a gentler, more low-key beach experience than you may find elsewhere on the island. The resort itself is essentially a cluster of apartments and villas set against a picturesque bay and with the Tramuntana mountains at their backs. The nearby town of Pollensa is a particularly charming destination. It’s a walkable village filled with cafés and restaurants built into structures and architecture with lingering features from both the Roman Empire and the medieval era.Restaurant in SpainMalaga

Among Spain’s signature cities, Malaga is one that manages to have all of the intrigue without the noisy bustle or party atmosphere attributed to some of its counterparts. In the city, there’s a little bit for everyone: ancient castles and cathedrals, the historic region of Anttequerra, a beautiful botanical garden, various outstanding museums, and even a bull-fighting ring that resembles a Roman colosseum. But it’s also the city’s proximity to gorgeous Mediterranean beaches that makes it such an appealing family destination. In a page detailing travel to Malaga on their site, British Airways discusses the ease of renting a car or catching a bus to the Costa del Sol region, essentially a beach area stretching across the south of Spain and winding right past Malaga. While there, the family can enjoy not only beautiful beaches and the sea but a wonderful culinary scene with influence from all around Europe.view over malagaSort, Catalonia

The lines are increasingly blurred as to whether or not Catalonia is really a part of Spain. However, most (particularly on the outside) still consider it to be so, which means the mountain town of Sort is valid for the list! A travel feature at The Guardian’s site described Sort as a “magnet for outdoor enthusiasts,” and that’s certainly the case as kayaking, rafting, and hiking are among the area’s main attractions. It makes Sort the ideal destination for more active families looking for an adventure together! Meanwhile, the Borda de Ritort resort area makes for a nice family stay. It’s somewhere between a rural villa and a hostel environment, but it’s complete with various family-friendly luxuries like a pool and playground.seville casa placida tapas barBarcelona

It’s simply not right to do a list of Spain’s best destinations in any category without including Barcelona. Although, if your family is more interested in relaxing or tranquil locations, this probably isn’t the one for you. If your family is up for a busier experience (and your children are well-travelled and/or old enough to appreciate some culture and history), however, Barcelona is the perfect option. Cathedrals are the main attractions in terms of visual spectacles, but restaurants, parks, museums, and even a lovely zoo make up the city. Really, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with anything you might choose to do. If you’re travelling with children, there’s actually a website called Kids In Barcelona that has some great tips of where to keep the kids busy—namely, the magic fountains, the Tibidabo amusement park, and a few other attractions.Barcelona gaudi house

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  1. Barcelona has everything to offer for travelers of all kinds. Couple of those places I haven’t heard of or been to Spain definitely one of my favorite places.

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