Experience the wacky delights of America on a road trip

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Everyone who knows us knows how much we love a good ol’ road trip – especially in the U.S. So far, we have taken five long road trips through several parts of the U.S., and always planning the next one! We’re excited to share a fun infographic today, put together by TrekAmerica, a leading tour operator who specializes in tripping around the U.S. in small tour groups, showing America’s best features to travelers who prefer an independent travel style but don’t want to road trip in the U.S. by themselves – a perfect solution for people who don’t have a travel partner but don’t want to miss out on a road trip experience! Check out the infographic to find out fun facts such as how many UFO sightings were counted in Roswell since the 1947 incident, where you can’t fart in public after 6pm, what you can find in the First Lady’s vegetable garden and where you can find the Ooh Aah Point!
Monument Valley street
As a global force in culture, tourism and politics, the USA is home to some of the most famous and recognizable cities on earth.

Even if you’ve never visited the country before, you feel like you know places such as New York and Washington, DC almost as intimately as your hometown, so often do they appear in films, TV shows and on the news.

However, to get a true appreciation of a place, you have to live it and breathe it yourself. In doing so, you get to see the nitty gritty bits they don’t normally include on TV, discover places you didn’t know existed and appreciate the city with all your senses, not just your sight.

waffle house insideImmersing yourself among the skyscrapers and the hordes of people racing around, you might also see the evidence of some of America’s oddities – the kinds of things they don’t report in your average tourism brochure.

For instance, did you know that, every year, more than 1,500 locals are bitten by other New Yorkers? That never happened in Friends did it? However, if you’re planning on visiting Niagara Falls, it’s not people, but fish you better watch out for – they’ve been known to fall on sightseers in the boats below after plummeting over the edge.

niagara falls horseshoe falls canadaShould an accident befall you in Washington, DC you’ll be alright because there’s one lawyer for every 19 people living in the city, but you better watch out for the long arm of the law if you’re planning to fart in public in Miami after 6pm on Thursday – it’s illegal!

If you thought that was weird, vampires and werewolfs are regularly spotted around the New Orleans area, while UFOs are often sighted near Roswell.

roswell new mexico aliensSuch events are easily disputed, but you can’t argue with the fact that California is home to the world’s tallest trees, that the Grand Canyon’s ‘Ooh Aah Point’ is one of the best places in the world to watch a sunset or that 50 billion burgers are eaten in the USA every year.

That’s the real America you can only experience on a group road trip!
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