Using public cycle hire in Europe is easy and the ultimate way to explore a city

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As we travel to cities around the world, we try to spend at least one day exploring by bike. There is a freedom you get from seeing a city on two wheels that you can’t get being stuck in a bus, worrying about being careful with your car rental or walking only as far as your feet can take you. You can explore secret spots or further out neighborhoods and just absorb more of the city in general.  We have done a cycle tour and rented bikes from expensive day rental places, but the best option is always when a city has a public bike scheme in place.

When we first got to New York, everyone was pumped for the new citibike scheme that would just launch our last week in town, and we knew we’d be fans, having used public bike systems from Seville in Spain and Montreal in Canada to Washington DC and now New York. We wanted to share here just how easy it is to sign up for a day with the public bikes, which is why we decided to share this handy guide by Momondo, which provides all the essential information such as rates and how to sign up for bike schemes across Europe.



    1. I can’t wait to cycle on the Côte d’Azur!! DC was great, there were so many bike stations everywhere around town. Definitely using the bikes again in New York when we get back there next month 🙂

  1. Are you kidding? For a 6 hour bike ride in London = $57, Paris = $50 ? Am I missing something? You’d be better off going to a flea market and buying a used one and giving it away when your finished with it! (if you’re in town for a week)

    Or, could you keep turning in your bike every 30 min and just ride for the access fee all day? 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what we do – we use the bikes for thirty minutes in each city, then change :)! The bike schemes are definitely not intended to replace daily rental schemes, but they are great for short distances. We never use them for more than 30 minutes to get to an attraction and then we switch and take another bike. £2 for 24 hours is actually an amazing deal – in New York we paid $11 for 24 hours. It’s a great way to cycle from sight to sight, or to go on a neighborhood ride, allowing you to see a lot of the city without tiring your feet out 🙂

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