10 ways to make the most of a hiking trip

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A hike is a lot more than a walk in the mountains, and no matter when we set off to hit the trails around the world, there are many factors to focus on in order to make the most of the experience. The time is nearing for us to do some major hiking in South America, and we’ll be taking the following ten solutions seriously, so we can enjoy the hikes as much as possible.

el chalten hiking path

 #1: Choosing the Appropriate Hiking Level

Many beginning hikers select a level of hiking that is too difficult for them. There is much terrain throughout the world and it is vital that a beginning hiker pursue the proper terrain. Beginning hikers should strive to search for easy trails in which they can reach their destination.

#2: Wear In Your Boots

It is very important to choose a great pair of hiking boots. You should opt for walking shoes from a famous brand such as Mammut. A hiker will spend many hours wearing the boots and it is essential to wear some that are broken in. There is nothing worse than trying to hike with blistered feet. If you are still looking for solid hiking shoes, check out this UGG Australia promo code – UGG offers a wide range of footwear, including hiking boots.


#3: Dress Appropriately for the Hike

Packing and wearing the proper clothing is just as important as wearing comfortable shoes. As a hiker strives to reach the peak of a mountain, the climate and weather can change very quickly. Proper jackets, pants, shirts, and other items of clothing will help maintain momentum. If a hiker does not prepare for these changes in the weather, the hike will not be much fun.

#4: Packing the Right Food

Food is energy for a hiker. Whenever too much junk food is consumed, the body isn’t able to function as well as if nutritious food is consumed. Packing energy bars and plenty of water is a must to prevent dehydration.

hiking in eldorado canyon
Hiking with friends in Colorado

#5: Maximize Efficiency in Momentum

Making improper strides in momentum can cause damage to the body. Knowledge of when to take short and long strides is very important to save the hips and knees. The ability to know when to rest and when to keep moving is very vital to completion of the hike.

#6: Sufficient Training

Every person beginning a hike should always train before going. The importance of exercise and stretching is vital for endurance on a hike. Strive to train in order to endure and have better hiking performance.

koh rong dani hiking to long beach
Dani on a hike in Cambodia

#7: Stay on the Trail

Many hikers will bring dangerous situations upon themselves by straying from a marked hiking trail. Hikers who stray from a trail often end up lost, or even worse, injured. The trails are marked by professionals for the safety of the hiker. Staying on the trail helps you to reach your destination safely.

#8: Pack the Proper Supplies

Every hiker needs certain supplies to make a hike successful. The hiker who packs for safety and protection will be better prepared for the journey. Rope, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, a first aid kit, and other important supplies should be considered for the journey.

On top of the mountain
Globetrottergirls hiking in El Salvador

#9 Take a Hiking Stick or Poles

The purpose of hiking poles or a hiking stick is to provide extra strength and assist a hiker when needed. The poles serve as protection against injury of the legs, hips, and knees. It is important to remember to take these along as a necessary type of leverage to endure the rough terrain.

#10 Know When Enough is Enough

Knowing when to stop during a hike is vital to maintain endurance and momentum. Adequate resting will provide the energy of the hiker to be restored. The beginner hiker should never be afraid to turn around or quit when the journey becomes unbearable. Striving to continue will only lead to harm or injury.

There is nothing quite like conquering a mountain and between the fresh air and exercise it’s one of the healthiest days out for travelers. Keeping the above things in mind can make the difference between a healthy and unhealthy hike.

Hiking in the Canyon
Jess hiking in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

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