Don’t let your budget hold you back: how to travel expensive countries on a shoestring

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For many backpackers, popular destinations like Britain, Australia, Japan or Paris can seem prohibitively expensive. Although some of the world’s greatest sites are located in these destinations, for those on a budget, it might seem best to skip them all together.

However, there are plenty of ways to live your travel dreams without breaking the bank.

Fly with budget airlines

Throughout Britain, Europe and Australia flying is the fastest and easiest option to get around, but it can be costly. However, with some advance planning, there are plenty of affordable flights to be had on budget airlines like Ryanair, AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Rex, Jetstar and Virgin Blue. If you book your tickets well in advance and avoid flying on the weekends, you will be able to find affordable flights.

air asia plane malaysiaResearch free attractions

Even though things like food, transportation and accommodation are expensive, you don’t need to budget much money for attractions. In Britain, for example, all national museums are free, and in other cities, most attractions offer at least one day a week with free entry. Plus, just strolling around the city is one of the best free things you can do anywhere around the world.  Do your research before visiting a city and find out when an attraction is free or discounted.

Find free coupons

Coupons have become extremely popular way to find great travel deals. It can be hard to stay on track of deals, but one way is to get online coupon codes by signing up to the main coupon websites and getting the money-saving coupons in your inbox. We use these often when in the US and UK for restaurant, hotel and car rental deals.

Sleep for free

Accommodation rates can be sky high; we’ve even seen hostel beds for over $40 in major U.S. and European cities. However, there are plenty of ways to stay in places for free. Consider couchsurfing – the community in most major cities is massive, and you should be able to find a host with just a few days’ notice. If you plan to stay somewhere long-term, sign up on one of several housesitting websites such as TrustedHousesitters (I find 90% of my housesits through this site), which list hundreds of housesits around the world that offer free accommodation in return for looking after someone’s house and pets while the owners are away. Another way to find free accommodation is Wwoofing: helping out farmers during harvest time gets you free lodging and food.




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