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Polaroid of the week: Charmed by Venice

Posted on 04. Oct, 2015 by .


Venice was the last stop on my little tour of northern Italy, and it is safe to say that I picked the perfect place for a truly grand finale.

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Polaroid of the week: A picturesque town on Lake Garda

Posted on 27. Sep, 2015 by .


I finally visited the north of Italy, a part of the country I neglected during almost all of my 12 visits to the country. Now I wish I would’ve come earlier…

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7 Surprising Facts About Venice

Posted on 27. Jan, 2015 by .


You might call me cheesy, but I absolutely adore Venice! Despite many people seeing the city as an overpriced tourist trap, I can still see the gorgeous city beyond the touts. Today I’m sharing 7 facts about Venice with you that you might not know yet:

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The best reasons to visit Milan

Posted on 07. Dec, 2014 by .


Resting in the North-West part of Italy sits Milan. A city brimming with life, beauty and character; a city who’s grace and splendour hits you hard directly upon arrival. The Milanese are not quite the pizza-loving-spaghetti-eating-wildly gesticulating stereotype of Italians – but they are incredibly welcoming and open in more of a cosmopolitan style. If […]

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Go beyond… Pisa’s Leaning Tower

Posted on 31. Aug, 2013 by .


Pisa is mainly known for its famous Leaning Tower, but there is so much more to this Tuscan town than just its main sight! Find out what’s beyond the Leaning Tower..

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Goodbye 2011: Our year of travel in pictures

Posted on 31. Dec, 2011 by .


Another amazing year is coming to an end – our 2nd as full-time travelers! It’s hard to believe just how much we have done this year…check out some of our photo highlights of 2011!

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Tuscany on a Shoestring – Yes, it’s possible!

Posted on 12. Aug, 2011 by .


The costs of traveling in Italy are right in the middle of the pack in terms of European travel, but the idea of luxurious villas and indulgent food and wine in Tuscany tends to scare off budget travelers. However, with just a little clever pre-planning, travelers in any budget range can discover this beautiful region on a shoestring, without sacrificing any of the indulgence that makes Tuscany a must-visit destination.

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Our Top 5 Towns to Visit in Tuscany

Posted on 08. Aug, 2011 by .


For those who haven’t been there, what they say about Tuscany really is true: gorgeous hills planted with olive trees and vineyards. While you could spend your trip in a rustic villa, swimming, sipping and sleeping the days away, taking in the culture and public life of Tuscany is fascinating. Read on for our top choices, which may surprise you…

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La Via dell’amore: The Path of Love | Cinque Terre, Italy

Posted on 01. Aug, 2011 by .


How is it that what started off as a convenient path for neighboring villages to sell fruit became the Cinque Terre National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site it is today? In a word? Love…

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Hiking Italy’s Cinque Terre: A spectacular day trek

Posted on 31. Jul, 2011 by .


We hiked the 10km rugged coastline of Cinque Terre in Northern Italy on the path that connect the five world-famous villages, up dangerous part of dirt paths and along the path of love, plus we had plenty of pizza in between.

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