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When you are stuck at work and dreaming of your next vacation, you’re probably fantasizing about the adventure, the out of this world experiences, perfectly sunny skies or all the good stories you’ll have to tell afterward. Unless you’re a total travel geek like us and other globetrotters out there, the planning part of the trip is just a part of the process, a way to get to the part you’ll actually enjoy. The easiest way to approach it is to find a one stop shop like where you can plan the logistics for the whole trip within a single website.

San Gimignano view
Dreaming of Tuscany…

Everyone has a different travel style and different preferences regarding whether they travel Europe by train, plane, bus or car rental. Our preference always lies with one thing: price – though practicality and freedom are also major factors as well. For others, the travel time from A to B might be the deciding factor. GoEuro is one of the few sites that provide information and rates on tickets to different European destinations and has all prices for your travel dates for all modes of transportation: plane, train, car, or bus. All schedules and connections are quoted in real-time and you can compare all the factors to choose the mode of transport that hits the sweet spot between price and convenience. We are both very visual people, and this website allows us to see all the comparisons in one place before deciding on the itinerary that works best for us.

GoEuro comparison for a trip from Berlin to Rome

Some of the best travel advice we can give about travel in Europe is to do enough research on the different modes of transportation and when it makes sense to take the bus, the train, a plane or to rent a car. For example, if you plan on traveling to Tuscany, a car rental is going to make much more sense so you can visit all of the adorable little villages that would be a pain in the you know what to book and organize by train. On the other hand, if you are flying from urban center to urban center, a quick flight will usually make the most sense. Buses in Europe are usually the cheapest way to go and train travel, while usually fairly expensive, are the most convenient ways to for everyone in your travel party to take in the European countryside along long stretches – no one has to focus on the road, when to get gas and potty breaks.

fiat 500 tuscany
Our rental car in Italy

When deciding whether to travel between Munich and Milan, for example,you could easily take the train, a plane or rent a car. How to decide? The amount of research it would take to research each one of these things individually is almost enough to put someone off altogether, or what is more likely, to just go with what they know and book one or the other. If you use Go Euro, you get the prices for all three of those methods at once, in real time, and can book within minutes whichever is best for your trip.

train in malaga
The high-speed RENFE train we took in Spain

No one decides to go on holiday because they are excited to do the trip planning…well – no one except Dani and a few others we’ve met since becoming globetrotters. But what a shame it would be to drop unnecessary amounts of cash and waste serious amounts of time in 2013 – when there’s a website that does much of the legwork for you. That way you can save time for the actual fun part of planning – setting up all the amazing things you have been dreaming about doing once you get to where you’re going!

Spain Beach

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  1. Jess, you’ve left out the fourth dimension; Time A lot of your decision making would be quite different between having a week or having five months to do Europe.

    Thanks for the head’s up about this website, it looks like a real “time” saver. I’m with Dani on this topic as I too get a charge out of the planning stage of adventure.

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