Roadtrippin’ in Britain rocks!

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Three years now. Whenever we mention how long we have been traveling, this measurement has a second meaning as well. It means it has been three years since we have been back in Britain. After living there for over four years, it’s hard to believe that we left and never went back. But we’re starting to get the itch. and not only to spend time exploring everything that is new in London.

We can not wait to hit the road and take a couple of road trips we have been dreaming about for a long time. In the past, Dani did most of the driving, since I felt that driving on the ‘other’ side of the road while learning to drive a stick shift was too much of a challenge. It took her a while to get used to it in London, but once out in the countryside, roadtrippin’ in Britain is smooth sailing. The only challenge is the all-too-common roundabout, but she quickly got used to handling left-side driving there as well.

UK travel cotswoldsWe were always renting cars for long weekends in the Cotswolds, our week-long road trip in Scotland, a one-day epic journey from the north of England near Newcastle, all the way south to Brighton, with an afternoon stop in York and an evening stop in London along the way. The countryside is gorgeous, and there’s nothing better than setting aside a few days to jump from adorable little village to adorable little village, hiking during the day, having dinner in a delicious gastropub in the evenings and spending each night in a different cozy bed and breakfast.

These kind of driving holidays are so easy to do in the UK, but a little planning never hurts. We tend to look online in various places like blogs, the tourist board websites, and helpful planning tools like the useful one Enterprise recently put together which includes Google maps, a video of the route and some basic information about distance, drive times and notable features along the way (museums, hiking routes etc). For international travelers without 3G smartphone access, having all the info up and ready like this is especially helpful.

Whenever we finally do go back, a trip up to England’s Lake District is a must, as is a longer road trip through Scotland and one in Northern Wales. Hopefully it won’t take us another three years to finally get there…



  1. Hello 🙂 I am so glad to hear you are back in the UK… What a wonderful place home is! I also love travelling and wrote to you some time back, re. India.
    There is something about the UK that is so special, I only wish we had better weather 🙂
    Recently I stayed with my parents in Pembrokeshire,Wales. Have you been there? I was taken to some little slices of heaven. The landscape is utterly beautiful and the Welsh are so friendly.
    I highly recommend you travel to this part of the UK, while you are here. If you would like more info on where I have been, please let me know .
    Thanks for your excellent, exciting page. Keep enjoying!
    A friendly metaphorical hug… Julia 🙂

    1. Hi Julia, we are not back in the UK … YET – but we’re hoping to visit this summer! It will have been over three years then since we left England and we never thought it’d be that long before we return!! So, we’d love to do a road trip for a week or two and enjoy our former ‘home base’ 🙂 Wales is actually high on our list of places to explore – we’ve only been to the Gower which was great, but Northern Wales is calling us 😀 We’ll let you know about our plans for sure when we know the details and would love more recommendations!!

  2. R U really back in the UK? It’s hard to keep up with you. As you usually house sit, you’ll have decisions to make for trip’n or sit’n. Life is hard.

    As for stick shifting and driving on the wrong side of the road, (I’m an American), I found it not a problem at all. The VW camper van (caravan in the UK) we bought was naturally a stick shift. I guess I was lucky in that we picked it up at a B&B out in the country. So, I had time to learn both stick shifting (which I already knew how to do, but not with my left hand) and driving on the left side of the road without much traffic to contend with. I will say that the roundabouts were a god-send as they make driving much easier.

    So, after getting the hang of all these new driving requirements by driving the big loop around the UK, up to northern Scotland and back south, we then crossed over to mainland Europe. Back on the right side but still shifting with the left hand and dealing with the steering wheel on the right side of the van. Thank god for my copilot who was my eyes on the left. One thing that was easier was parallel parking. You just look out the right window and see how close you are to everything.

    Road tripping is the way to go!

    1. Hi Steve, we’re not back in the UK yet – we just said that it was time for a visit and that we can’t wait to go on another road trip there 🙂 For now, we’re still in Patagonia. I’d love to buy a camper van and drive through all of Europe!! Luckily I adapted to driving on the left side quickly when we lived in England, but I always tried to switch gears with my right hand 😉 Jess has yet to learn how to drive stick but it’ll definitely have to happen next time we’re in Europe.

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