Travel Roulette #32: LOVE – The Winner

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We hosted last week’s Travel Photo roulette and had chosen LOVE as the theme. With new submissions coming in every day, it became increasingly difficult to choose a winner. First of all – thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s roulette, we loved how diverse the entries and the interpretation of the love theme were! You can see all the submissions here.

It was definitely tough, but we finally decided on our top five photos and a winner!

First, the four runners up:

5. Heather from Travellers Playground contributed this loving family of monkeys: Family love, Gibraltar Nature Reserve. –>We loved this photo instantly – monkeys are so similar to humans, and it is surprising just how much you can relate to the warmth of the family. Plus, it’s just so adorable!

4. We really liked the submission from Cailin of Cailin Travels: A veteran and his wife hold hands as they walk away from a Remembrance Day memorial in Cardiff, Wales. –>We had some very touching and meaningful entries depicting love not in the usual sense (like Amanda’s of New Zealand after the earthquake, Heather’s of a prison wall in Cambodia). This picture stood out as you can imagine how long this couple has been together, and just how much they may have endured together as well.

new-york-nikon-fm 0083. Allison Suter did a fantastic job capturing the love of this couple: I LOVE this love image from a recent trip to NYC! –> We had quite a few entries of loved-up couples kissin’ and canoodlin’. We particularly loved this one from Alison – the way the couple is so happy and smiling despite the rain.

Polynesian Wedding, Easter Island2. This photo was submitted by Cam and Nicole from Traveling Canucks: We met a friendly American couple in Hanga Roa who were eloping on Easter Island. They invited us to check out the traditional Polynesian ceremony, hosted at sunset in front of the mysterious moai statue. Now THAT is a fantastic backdrop for a wedding! –> Cam and Nicole are right – what a backdrop for a wedding! We love the entire experience – the traditional Polynesian ceremony, the moai statue, the sunset and the effort and creativity of this couple to make sure their wedding was unique. We imagine there to be a lotta love between them!

And now… our favorite photo…The winner is…

1. Raymond from Man On The Lam submitted these adorable llamas: So it’s love then is it? Nothing says love like llama love. This was taken at Machu Picchu 2 years ago… –>We love, love, love this entry! We definitely had some cuuuuute fluffy entries but this one just takes the cake. Anyone who knows us know we are huge animal lovers, and this quiet moment between these two is just so innocent and pure, we just had to choose it!

Congratulations to Raymond from Man On The Lam! You’ll get to host Travel Roulette #33 – we can’t wait to see what the next theme will be!




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